The Semi-Socialist States of
Authoritarian Democracy

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People's Republic of Strantia's Parties.

This is my first factbook.

The reigning Party is the Liberal-Socialist Party. It's also one of 3 major parties.

Here are the parties of Now:

Major Parties:
Liberal-Socialist Party
Star-Republican Party
Agri-Natural Party

Minor Parties:
Facistisca Party
Military-Navy Party
Sun-Rainbow Party
Macronesian Party
Imperium Party
Grand Dictatorial Party
Blooming Clouds Party
Democratica Party
Open Box Party

These are all the parties of the People's Republic of Strantia.
Written by the glorious Senators of Strantia.
Thou shall not make fun of any party in the PRS (People's Republic of Strantia).

Long live the Liberal-Socialist Party!

The Party shall live forever! A thousand years!
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