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Things to do in Auratra Privim

As someone looking into Straknov, surely the mention of our capital, Auratra Privim, must have been passed along. There are many articles all about Straknov and Auratra Privim, but let me tell you about some of the highlights the capital has to offer. Not only in a touristic sense, but also with regards to the nation and her people. Let's not string each other along anymore (or hey, let us anyways.) Because this is what Auratra Privim is all about.

It usually doesn't come to a surprise that major cities also have a major, bustling night scene. Whether a days work has been completed, or the night shift has yet more to give, this is the other part of the coin, the nightly moonbeams that oppose the sun rays during the day. Besides numerous recreational venues such as dancing establishments, high-rise bars and restaurant or dimly lit folk cafes, everything else is open 24/7. Straknovians do sleep and have, in fact, one of the healthiest natural rhythms of the surrounding nations. But Auratra Privim does not believe in Last Calls before 11. Or any Last Calls at all, in fact. Museums, Libraries, Pools, Community centres, it's all open. And relatively calm, because of course, everyone prefers to socialise or spend time in a chatty environment. Auratra Privimians are not in the least bit holding themselves back.

With a grand nation comes a grand capital city, obviously. And while Auratra Privim is indeed the largest administrative section of Straknov, there are many others alike. But most notably, the might of Straknov is most prominent in Core District 01 (Sectors 00 to 14 and quadrants 00 to 03), in which all administrative buildings pertaining to the gearworks of Straknov are located. From the giant concrete slab that is the Supreme Defense Command Authority Building to the ornate skyscraper of the Administrative Executive Council of Straknov. Marvel at the many intricate artworks of glass and steel, at the pieces of history molded from concrete, or the antique brick buildings occasionally still being supported by their original wooden skeleton. Any government building has spaces dedicated to the public to gather, convene and learn about who the building was built for and is used by.