The Holy Kingdom of
Iron Fist Consumerists

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A history of Pernambuco

In 1964, after the military coup, the new dictatorial government decided to stop sending resources to the northeast, because the people who lived there were against the dictatorship and had separatist tendencies, this budget cut caused a serious economic crisis in the northeastern states. In 1965, the people revolted and declared independence, a country called the Confederation of Ecuador, which did not last long, as the government annexed it in 1967. With the support of the Soviet Union, The socialists started a war of independence, where the Brazilian government was defeated. Thus was born the socialist republic of Pernambuco.

In 1970, with political crises, a civil war began, whose outcome was the division of Pernambuco between south and north, thus creating South Pernambuco and North Pernambuco

The kingdom of Pernambuco do Sul went through serious crises
political and economic in the beginning but it was rebuilt and today it is a great empire. The people of South Pernambuco consider themselves only Pernambucan. Pernambuco from the south and Pernambuco from the north are constantly in a political and economic dispute, one wants to be better than the other.