The Republic of
Left-wing Utopia

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The Republic of Socruell

The Republic of Socruell (sɒk ruː ɛl)


Motto: Welfare and Equality for All


Population:1.154 Billion (as of Nov 2021)
-Density: 1971.92484813 people per km˛

Capital: Reaburg (Ree ə bɜːg)
Largest City: Reaburg

Official Language: English, Socruellian Sign Language

National Language: English

Demonym: Socruellian

Government: Unitary parliamentary democracy
- Party in power: Social Democratic Party
- Prime Minister: Randolph Manning
- Deputy Prime Minister: Arron Key
- Speaker of the House: Janelle Lloyd

Legislature: Parliament (house of representatives)

Establishment: Founded by Haydn O’Moore, 1805

Land Area: 585,215 km˛

GDP (nominal): (RL)120,000,000,000,000
GDP (nominal) per capita: (RL)104,086

Human Development Index (NS Version): 78.59 (very high)

Currency: Socruellian Rull
Symbol: (RL)
Code: SCR

Time Zone: Socruellian Standard Time (SCST) UTC+12:00
Socruell does not observe daylight savings time.

Drives on the: left

Calling code: +183

Internet TLD: .scr

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