The Constitutional Monarchy of
Moralistic Democracy

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Constitutional Abilities of the Monarch

On May twenty first, twenty twenty two. The Kingdom of Novalunosis has revised its constitution.

Section 1.

Sovereigns Head of State power.

S1. The sovereign is not entitled to show, speak, or communicate a political opinion for any reason.

S2. The sovereign may only dissolve a parliament and Prime minister if seen fit and reasonable.

S3. As Head of the Church, the sovereign may integrate a national religion and also be above the Arch bishops. "The Amaranthine Church."

S4. The Sovereign must regularly attend it's commonwealth nations to maintain its commonwealth status and to make the countries feel included.

S5. The Sovereign is the highest form of Government and only answers to god, the sovereign can rightfully deny any requests and request special punishments or events to happen. Meaning that not even the Prime Minister can overthrow this Monarchy to form a Republican country.

S6. The Sovereign cannot express any feelings in public regarding cabinet members, allied countries, internal issues or Royal House matters.

S7. Royal Titles, only immediate family (Kids, husband, aunt, uncle etc.) may inherit a higher ranking royal title. They can only be inherited by a child or marriage. Males may only inherit the titles that follow: Prince, Duke, Marquess, Count, Viscount and Baron. Female members may inherit: Princess, Duchess, Marchioness, Countess, Viscountess and Baroness.

S8. You may only speak to the Queen when she starts a conversation, or invites you to start one.

(More to come)