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Democratic Socialists

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Timeline (Not done)

This was inspired by Anollasia's timeline.

March 11: Skratmalatis leaves Nova Historiae for 10000 Islands
March 24: Skratmalatis arrives at 10000 Islands
March 30: William Sala and Jonas Conakija discover the Salabrachon area
April 2: Salabrachon is founded in honor of William Sala
April 3: Conakija is founded in honor of Jonas Conakija
April 19: Small riots roam the streets of Salabrachon
May 5: The name "Noon Territory" is coined by Skratmalatis explorers
July 4: Skratmalatis sets off fireworks in honor of USA's 47th birthday
July 5: The Noon dialect of Kloom is created
July 6: Riots stir up in Salabrachon due to the new dialect
July 7: The president of Skratmalatis is assassinated
July 8: Johnathan Erikson becomes president
August 11: Johnathan Erikson is shot
August 12: Johnathan Erikson dies
August 13: Alexander Edwards becomes president
September 16: William Sala is shot
September 19: William Sala makes a recovery
September 28: Jason McAllen is arrested for attempted murder
October 14: Jason McAllen dies
November 22: The Noon dialect grows enormously in popularity
November 26: The first Skratmalatian Thanksgiving in 10000 Islands is held
December 20: A celebration is held for the first day of Skratmalatian Winter in 10000 Islands
December 21: Alexander Edwards speaks about a holiday proposal
December 22: December 20 is now known as "Winter Day"
December 25: The first Skratmalatian Christmas is held in 10000 Islands
December 31: A New Year's celebration is held in Skratmalatis City and Salabrachon

January 1: New Year's Day is celebrated throughout Skratmalatis
January 3: 20 people are killed in an EF3 tornado in Salabrachon
January 30: Alexander Edwards dies of natural causes
January 31: Ned Paddington becomes president
February 16: William Sala turns 29
February 17: A magnitude 5.4 earthquake hits Salabrachon
February 29: A Leap Day celebration is held in big cities throughout the country
March 11: One-Year Anniversary of Skratmalatis parting Nova Historiae
March 24: One-Year Anniversary of arrival at 10000 Islands
March 25:Jonas Conakija accuses the president of Skratmalatis of fraud
March 26: A hearing is called to order in the federal court
March 27: President Ned Paddington announces his resignation from office
March 28: Tim Porter becomes president
March 29: Tim Porter pardons Ned Paddington from imprisonment
March 30: Riots control the streets of the capital
April 1: Salabrachon becomes the second capital of Skratmalatis
April 2: 183 people die after a magnitude 6 earthquake in Salabrachon
April 13: Conakija suffers from a heavy snowstorm
May 11: Salabrachon becomes the largest city in the nation
June 22: Salabrachon and Skratmalatis City are hit by a hurricane
June 25: A report of 230 people dead after the hurricane
August 14: Tim Porter is arrested for armed robbery
August 15: Albert Jackson becomes the new president
August 31: Jordan Harrison attempts to assassinate Jonas Conakija
November 12: The Skratmalatian Stock Market peaks
December 18: Fifteen Thousand Skratmalatian Dollars of art is stolen by Robert Hackinson

January 19: 3 killed in Salabrachon by an unknown personnel
June 8: Albert Jackson goes on tour of Nooooooooooooooo
July 15: Albert Jackson runs for re-election against Theodore Jefferson
July 16: Presidential debate starts
July 17: Mid-term election starts
July 18: William Sala runs as non-affiliated party for speaker of the State of Salabrachon
July 19: William Sala is ridiculed by John Carmen
July 20: William Sala in turn ridicules John Carmen
July 21: John Carmen says that he is "offended" and deserves an "immediate apology"
July 22: Albert Jackson follows Sala's footsteps and ridicules Theodore Jefferson
July 23: Jefferson threatens to blackmail Jackson
July 24: Jefferson is shot by a citizen
July 25: Albert Jackson is also shot by a citizen
July 26: Sala ridicules Jefferson
July 27: Jefferson ridicules Sala back
July 28: Sala tells Jefferson to "shut up"
July 29: Jefferson threatens to kill Sala "if he keeps this up"
July 30: Jackson ridicules Jefferson again
July 31: Tom Jackson, brother of Albert, ridicules Jefferson and Carmen
August 1: Theodore shoots Tom Jackson
August 2: Tom dies
August 3: Albert insults Jefferson
August 4: Carmen ridicules Jackson
August 5: Jordan Ford shoots John Carmen
August 6: Ford is arrested
August 7: Carmen ridicules Sala again
August 8: Jefferson ridicules Carmen
August 9: Carmen ridicules Jefferson
August 10: Sala ridicules both of them again
August 11: Jackson is shot, but lives
August 12: Jefferson says that Jackson got karma
August 13: Sala ridicules Jefferson for a fourth time
August 14: Carmen threatens to kill him
August 15: Election takes place
August 16: Jackson and Sala win
August 17: Newspapers state that the debate was nothing more than "a ridiculing frenzy"
August 18: Jefferson is shot and killed
August 19: Carmen is shot
August 20: Carmen dies
August 21: Carmen and Jefferson are buried
August 22: The government proposes a law for debates to be ridiculing back and forth
August 23: The proposal is shot down
August 24: A new proposal is put into place to stop ridiculing each other
August 25: The law passes through the senate
August 26: The law is renamed to "Law R"
August 27: The vote on R is postponed by the speakership
August 28: Sala attempts to speed up the process
August 29: The speakership announces that it will vote on R in September
August 30: Sala insists that the process be sped up
August 31: The speakership agrees to vote on R September 1st
September 1: R squeaks by the speakership at a mere 41 to 39 vote
September 2: R reaches Jackson
September 3: The law is signed
September 4: R is put into place
September 5: Tim Porter dies
September 7: R causes controversy amongst the people
September 10: Small groups protest R
September 11: Those groups swell up into riots
September 12: Jackson tries to calm down the riots
September 15: The riots eventually stop
September 19: R is renamed to "Rid"
September 21: Rid becomes a popular slogan to stop riots, as in, " There is a 'rid' in ridicule"
September 29: Jackson makes a speech about Rid
September 30: Sala speaks about Rid
October 9: Sala grows in popularity
October 16: Protesters gather at the capitol
October 17: Protester groups erupt into chaos
October 18: Police officers try to calm down the calamity
October 19: The police force say, "There's nothing we can do."
October 20: The capitol building is partially burnt
October 21: Fires start from protesters in Salabrachon
October 22: Salabrachon's capitol building is severely burnt
October 23: Riots control the streets of Skratmalatis City
October 30: The riots die down
October 31: The Halloween Parade is interrupted by protesters
November 20: Rid grows in popularity
November 22: John Hartman writes a book about the riots and how bad they were
November 30: Multiple songs are written about the riots
December 20: The Second Annual Winter Day Celebration is held
December 31: Jubilant throngs gather in the streets to watch the countdown to New Year's Day

January 1: Jackson makes a speech about how 1825 would be the most active year in history of Skratmalatis
January 2: Jackson is shot
January 3: Jackson makes a recovery
January 29: Sala ridicules the citizen who shot Jackson
March 24: Celebrations are held for three years in 10000 Islands
June 4: A law named Law A, which helps housing development, is proposed
June 20: A flips the senate upside-down, passing through at 74 to 6 votes
July 1: A, like R, just squeaks by at 42 to 38
July 2: Jackson signs the law
July 4: Skratmalatis celebrates the United States' 50th birthday
August 13: Jackson speaks against small protesting groups
December 15: Sala is known as the most popular man in the speakership

January 4: Sala speaks of Nooooooooooooooo being free
January 5: Riots stir up in the streets of the capital in support of Sala
January 6: Jackson speaks out at Sala
January 7: Sala and Jackson start ridiculing each other
January 8: Jackson ridicules the protesters
January 9: The protesters erupt into utter chaos
January 10: Sala starts encouraging revolution
January 11: France starts sending ships over to support Nooooooooooooooo
January 12: Nooooooooooooooo declares itself free from Skratmalatis
January 13: 600 people are killed after a 9.1 earthquake in Skratmalatis City
January 14: The earthquake only de-stabilizes the Skratmalatian economy
January 15: 1,700 people are killed
January 16: Riots gather into a revolution
January 17: Sala encourages the process
January 18: Sala is almost shot
January 19: The police try to arrest Sala
January 20: The Skratmalatian Capitol Building is burned to the ground
January 21: The Skratmalatian Stock Market and economy both dive
January 22: Fires start in Skratmalatis City
January 23: The rapid fire burns a sixth of the city
January 24: Salabrachon's Stock Market dives a bit
January 25: An EF1 tornado strikes the heart of Skratmalatis City
January 26: A quarter of the Skratmalatis population dies from the war
January 26: A 5.0 earthquake hits West Skratmalatis City
January 26: Albert Jackson is assassinated
January 27: Skratmalatis does not inaugurate a new president, leaving the office unfilled
January 28: Jack Erikson, commander of the Skratmalatian Army is shot three times in the stomach
January 29: Jack Erikson dies
January 30: Harry Rallison is the new commander
January 31: Harry Rallison also is shot and killed
February 1: The Skratmalatian Army surrenders
February 4: The Treaty of Salabrachon is signed
February 5: Nooooooooooooooo is founded
February 6: William Sala is the first president of Nooooooooooooooo
February 26: Sala ridicules Jackson
March 24: Sala announces that 10000 Islands Day will be replaced by Independence Day
April 17: The nation is renamed from a territory to a principality
June 1: Sala creates a central government
June 2: Sala announces that June 1 will be recognized as "Government Day"
July 2: Jonas Conakija announces that he is Vice President
July 3: John Hartman writes a book about William Sala
July 4: Sala says that he is "honored"
July 5: Russian ships enter Salabrachon ports
July 6: Conakija announces that all ships except for Skratmalatian ships may enter port at the capital
July 10: 15 Skratmalatian ships disguised as German ships were caught
August 19: Salabrachon's Stock Market rises
October 16: Law M, which is a law to get rid of Rid, is proposed
October 20: The senate rejects the proposal
November 24: Sala ridicules John Carmen again, even he has been dead for two years
December 20: Winter Day abolished

January 12: One-Year Anniversary of Nooooooooooooooo declaring freedom
February 5: One-Year Anniversary of Nooooooooooooooo being officially founded
February 6: William Sala announces that he has been in office for 1 year
February 16: Sala turns 33 years old
May 10: Jonas Conakija is almost shot
May 11: Conakija insults the man who attempted murder
June 1: Crowds gather in the streets protesting the citizen
August 9: John Hartman is shot
August 12: John Hartman lives
November 25: Sixth Thanksgiving celebration

July 15: The Great Hush, or a time of peace where nothing major happens, begins

February 16: Sala turns 35
December 21: Winter Day brought back

June 4: 17 Skratmalatian ships were caught disguised as Russian ships
June 5: The president of Skratmalatis, Hans Steiner, insults Sala
June 6: Sala insults him back
June 10: Sala bans Skratmalatian ships to come into port

February 4: 4 killed in a magnitude 6.1 earthquake
February 9: 2 killed and 1 injured in 5.8 earthquake
February 15: Sala announces that February 1832 will be known as 'earthquake month'

November 15: 3 Skratmalatian ships were caught, undisguised

July 3: Sala and President Andrew Jackson of USA sign an alliance treaty
July 4: Nooooooooooooooo sets off fireworks to celebrate the United States

February 16: William Sala turns 40 years old
December 21: 5th Annual Winter Day Celebration

September 27: Sala considers resignation

April 1: The State of Salabrachon renamed to The State of the Capital, though for various purposes, stays Salabrachon in the senate and speakership

July 19: An EF0 tornado causes very minor damage to Salabrachon

June 4: Sala gets a cold, but stays president
June 7: Sala makes a recovery

December 21: 10th Annual Winter Day Celebration

July 14: Sala again considers resignation

Only minor details happen in 1842

June 16: Sala announces his resignation from office on June 14, 1844

June 14: Sala resigns
June 15: Conakija is inaugurated, Caleb Manadija as Vice President
June 16: Manadija says that the public is "too loud"

February 16: Sala turns 50 years old
February 18: Conakija and Manadija discover The Elevated Valley
February 19: Conakija Mountain named
February 20: Mount Manadija named
March 15: Mount Correalo discovered and named

February 1: Skratmalatis declares war on Nooooooooooooooo, The Great Hush officially over
February 2: Nooooooooooooooo's unorganized army begins storming the streets of big cities in Skratmalatis
February 3: Caleb Manadija shot in the left leg
February 4: Manadija makes a recovery
February 5: Nooooooooooooooo's official flag in the capitol is burnt by the Skratmalatian army
February 6: Nooooooooooooooo officially declares war on Skratmalatis, starting The War of the Brothers
February 7: The commander of the Skratmalatian army, John Buckler, mysteriously goes missing
February 8: Buckler found dead in a barnyard outside Salabrachon, possibly killed by gunshot wounds
February 9: Harold Buckler becomes commander
February 10: Notwithstanding an unorganized military, Nooooooooooooooo pushes back
February 28: Protesters protesting the war gather outside of Salabrachon's capitol
March 10: Riots storm the capital and other big cities
July 15: Salabrachon is hit by a category 4 hurricane
December 19: Conakija suffers from severe snowstorm

February 27: The nation's pretitle renamed from Principality to Republic
March 14: Construction of banks destroyed from the war
June 1: A cease fire is called between the two nations

January 1: The cease fire continues throughout the year, Conakija sees this as a good chance to build more houses
March 3: The Second Hush begins

January 30: Much of the population gone due to the California Gold Rush

September 9: California becomes a state
December 21: Cease fire continues, 20th Annual Winter Day Celebration

May 15: Much of the population returns from California

September 17: Skratmalatis ends the cease fire, The Second Hush officially over
September 18: Nooooooooooooooo adopts a new flag

June 15: A hurricane hits the border of Skratmalatis and Nooooooooooooooo, killing 1 thousand

July 4: 18 people killed in EF4 tornado in Salabrachon

November 16: Jonas Conakija almost gets shot in the head, but the bullet only knocks off his hat.
November 17: Manadija insults the man who fired at Conakija

August 15: Cease fire, The Third Hush begins
August 30: Jonas Conakija is shot in the shoulder
August 31: Conakija dies
September 1: Sala is inaugurated
September 7: Vice President Joseph Cobb is called "a phony, unreal"
September 15: Marc Straus is inaugurated
September 17: Salabrachon is occupied by Skratmalatians, The third Hush officially over
September 19: The pretitle is changed from Republic to Occupied Republic
November 17: The pretitle is changed from Occupied Republic to Skratmalatian State

February 17: The Fourth Hush begins
March 15: Straus speeds up the building of houses
May 18: Vice President Jordan Peterson is almost assassinated
August 16: Salabrachon taken back by Noons, the pretitle changed from Skratmalatian State to Federal Republic

March 15: Cease fire ended, The Fourth Hush officially ends
November 16: Native People spring up and side with Nooooooooooooooo

August 12: Battle at Kibi Bay leads Skratmalatian victory
August 15: New island discovered by Skratmalatis, name it after Albert Jackson
September 1: Battle at Jackson Island leads Noon Victory
September 4: Jackson Island renamed Sala Island
December 15: Many Skratmalatians migrate away due to the Nevada Silver Rush

January 5: Skratmalatis surrenders to the Noons
January 7: Treaty of Skratmalatis City signed
January 8: The Fifth Hush begins
December 21: 30th Annual Winter Day Celebration

May 1: Titanium (T - 22) is discovered in the Salabrachon area

January 7: Jordan Peterson lifts the ban on Skratmalatian ships
January 8: Riots storm the streets of Nooooooooooooooo
January 9: Straus makes a speech about friendship and equality
January 10: Riots calm down

May 19: English ships are seen off the coast attacking Salabrachon
May 20: England surrenders, the shortest war in Noon history is won

September 15: Many migrate away due to the Colorado Silver Rush

March 12: Abraham Lincoln pulls out of the alliance

Nothing major happens in 1866

February 5: 30th Noon Independence Day

March 22: William Sala dies of old age, there is a very large mourning
March 23: Sala buried in the National Cemetery

August 4: Jordan Peterson is shot in the foot
August 5: Jordan Peterson lives

May 18: Sala Peak discovered and named
November 5: Jordan Peterson dies of pneumonia
November 6: Mel Owens is put into office
December 21: 40th Annual Winter Day Celebration

September 19: 4 Skratmalatian ships were happily brought into port
October 13: Gus Angoreje proposes Law C, a law that implies currency other than the Skratmalatian Dollar
October 14: The Senate postpones the vote until 1874

July 4: Angoreje attempts to speed up the process
July 6: Angoreje ridicules the Head Chairman, John Salazar
July 9: The Senate does not respond

April 14: Angoreje, in response to no response, proposes other laws that are shot down by the senate, like D, or M
May 1: Angoreje insults the entire senate
May 2: The government threatens to kick him from the speakership

July 15: Larry Henderson stalls the campaign for other candidate, Gerald Hall
August 15: Gus Angoreje wins the presidential election, C streaks through the senate, winning at 80 votes to none
August 19: The speakership ends in a tie (50 - 50), with Vice President Larry Henderson voting yes as the tiebreaker
August 21: C reaches Angoreje, and signs it immediately
August 22: The new currency is named the "Angoreje (Æ)"

December 21: 45th Annual Winter Day Celebration

Nothing major happens in 1876

February 5: 50th Noon Independence Day, there is a large celebration of fireworks
June 1: 50th Government Day
July 4: As an act of peace towards the United States, fireworks are set off in big cities
July 5: John Hartman publishes a book titled, 101 Years of America

September 9: John Hartman dies of old age
September 10: Hartman is buried in the National Cemetery, there is a large mourning

Nothing major happens in 1879

December 15: The Noon Stock Market dips
December 21: 50th Annual Winter Day Celebration
December 29: A snowstorm hits Conakija

May 12: Mount Correalo erupts
July 1: Conakija Mountain erupts, leading to Angoreje declaring a state of emergency

February 5: 55th Noon Independence Day
June 16: Nooooooooooooooo sides with Egypt, the British Empire, Italy, Belgium, and the Ethiopian Empire in the Mahdist War against Mahdist Sudan, The Fifth Hush officially over
June 26: Nooooooooooooooo's army retreats after almost being destroyed completely

September 11: The Noon Army re-stabilizes
September 29: Nooooooooooooooo's army joins the war again
October 15: 19 Mahdist soldiers were captured while fighting

July 11: Speaker of The State of Salabrachon, Ruben Callaway, is killed in horse accident

June 15: Mount Darsnamana is discovered
June 18: Mount Darsnamana is named

July 11: John Hartman dies
July 12: John Hartman is buried in the National Cemetery, there is a large mourning

February 5: 60th Independence Day
June 1: 60th Government Day
July 7: Larry Henderson is accused of fraud
July 8: A hearing is called to order in the federal court

June 15: Larry Henderson loses the hearing, guilty of fraud
June 16: Henderson goes to jail, then is quickly pardoned

October 26: Angoreje dies, Henderson opts out of becoming president, Gabe Stevenson is inaugurated
October 27: Matthew O'Donnell officially becomes Vice President
November 15: Stevenson creates a stable military

October 15: Matthew O'Donnell dies of pneumonia, Daniel Higgins sworn in as Vice President
October 16: O'Donnell is buried in the federal cemetery
October 17: Stevenson is shot in the stomach
October 18: Stevenson announces that he is unable to act as president, Hubert Truman is inaugurated
October 19: Nooooooooooooooo pulls out of the war against Mahdist Sudan, the Sixth Hush begins
December 21: 60th Annual Winter Day celebration

November 5: Gabe Stevenson dies of old age, he is buried in the national cemetery
November 6: Hubert Truman speaks about Stevenson

April 7: The first successful ride on a motorcycle in Nooooooooooooooo is accomplished

January 4: Johnathan Klorared, the oldest man in the Volcanic Islands and grandfather of current president of neighboring nation, Skratmalatis, is born
July 1: The National Bank of Nooooooooooooooo is burnt to the ground, probably by a Skratmalatian criminal

March 15; Angoreje Peak is founded
October 15: A fake letter dated with June 31st is intercepted by Noon officials

July 3: Hubert Truman is accused of fraud
July 4: There is a hearing in the federal court

January 15: Truman is shot, John Emeno takes office
March 22: Emeno dies, Truman takes over
July 18: Truman loses the fraud case, is indicted and removed, Randy Marksman is inaugurated

February 15: 70th Noon Independence Day

September 1: A name proposal of "£15" is lost by a couple and the name is outlawed

December 31: A New Year's Eve celebration is held

January 1: Large celebrations are held throughout the nation for a new century
December 21: 70th Annual Winter Day Celebration

September 12: The first Angoreje coin denomination, the Sala, is pressed, it now costs about Æ150 ($200)
December 15: The first successful back flip on a motorcycle in Nooooooooooooooo is accomplished

Nothing major happens in 1902

October 15: Marksman receives a sloppy letter and to this day has not seen any context
October 18: Marksman receives another letter saying, "Sorry, that was my little brother."

February 5: A provisional constitution is written and signed
February 27: The V. A. Baseball League (VABL) is founded with 4 teams
December 8: Hubert Truman dies of an unknown cause

September 30: An alliance with France is signed
December 21: 75th Winter Day

October 5: The first video camera in Nooooooooooooooo is used to capture a speech by Randy Marksman

February 5: 80th Noon Independence Day
June 1: 80th Government Day

December 12: General Steve Gordon goes missing after a tornado hits Salabrachon
December 24: Conakija again suffers from severe snowstorm

August 17: A Skratmalatian with a criminal record is arrested by Noon police

December 21: 80th Annual Winter Day Celebration

February 15: Salabrachon gets its first Target®

February 3: Móntá Gomona is discovered and named
April 14: 25 Noon passengers die in the sinking of the RMS Titanic

December 15: Nooooooooooooooo adopts a new flag

August 25: Nooooooooooooooo officially joins the Allies in WWI, the Sixth Hush officially over
August 31: The same couple that tried to name their newborn "£15" try to name their second child "*&*", but the Federal Court states that a name must have letters in it, the name is outlawed and the child is named Alvin
September 10: 1,315 Noon soldiers killed and about 5,000 injured in the Western Front

September 1: The current largest tree in Nooooooooooooooo is planted
September 27: 1,923 Noon soldiers are killed in the Battle of Loos

September 18: Nearly a quarter of the Noon Army dead from the war, Nooooooooooooooo pulls out of the war to regain strength
September 30: Nooooooooooooooo rejoins the war
October 13: Marksman signs a treaty with Canada

April 1: Austria-Hungary and the German Empire officially declare war on Nooooooooooooooo
April 6: The United States of America officially joins WWI, siding with the allies

August 15: Harry Marn is inaugurated, after defeating Marksman in the 1918 election
November 11: At 11:11, WWI finally ends, Nooooooooooooooo joins the League of Nations, The Seventh Hush begins
December 1: Gomona City becomes the largest city in Nooooooooooooooo, surpassing Salabrachon by only 150 people, thus starting the "Population War"

January 2: Harry Marn announces a "government miracle", as in, a surplus of money

December 21: 90th Annual Winter Day celebration

Nothing major happens in 1921

July 16: The Noon economy feels instabilities
October 3: Heartbreak Peak is discovered

June 1: A letter is sent to Harry Marn by the same address that sent Randy Marksman the sloppy letter
July 19: Alvin Johnson, child who was almost named "*&*" dies at the age of 9 from polio

February 4: The oldest living man who was involved in politics is born, Dwight Sala
June 27: The first iceberg to ever strike land in Nooooooooooooooo, hits the coast of Salabrachon harbor, 2 ships are destroyed and 1 person is injured

December 12: The (at the time) oldest man in Coolistan, Johnathan Sala, dies at age 102
December 21: 95th Annual Winter Day celebration

June 2: The Noon Economy, again, feels instabilities
December 16: Harry Marn gets the flu

February 5: 100th Noon Independence Day, large celebrations are held around the nation
March 31: Marn dies from old age
April 1: Marksman is re-inaugurated
June 1: 100th Government Day

June 2: The Noon Economy feels instability once more

February 9: The Noon Economy crashes, beginning The Great Depression, The Seventh Hush ends
February 10: Food prices, housing costs, tax, and real estate sales drop
February 11: An angry mob crowds in the street, chanting "Where's my money!? Where's my money!?"
February 15: The police try to calm down the crowds
February 16: 14 policemen are killed by the mob, they retreat and stop preventing the riots
February 17: Marksman makes a speech at the City Hall, but the riots only grow larger
February 20: The Speakership Building is burnt to the ground, Speakers resort to the Senate Building
February 21: Many Noon Flags are burnt in the streets, which causes Marksman to speak out again
February 25: The National Army tries to stop the protesters only in Salabrachon, causing Gomona City to be ahead in the Population War
February 26: Protests roar in the streets of major cities, including Gomona City
February 27: Salabrachon overtakes Gomona City in the Population War
February 28: Crowds gather in front of The House of The President
March 2: Whilst Marksman deals with the protesters, a speaker named Gordon Hill sneaks from behind and shoots Vice president Jack Edwardson, assuming he is Marksman, Edwardson lives and Hill is sent to jail
March 3: A special election is held for the seat of Hill
March 4: Many people do not vote, fearing the protesters, giving unbalanced voting
March 5: Results come in, Albert Frési is elected
March 6: Many Noon typewriters spell Albert's last name Fresi, due to a lack of a key for diacritics
March 7: Frési changes his last name to Fresi to follow standard typewriter keyboards
March 8: Mount Correalo erupts once more, followed by immediate evacuation of the area
March 9: Marksman tries to calm down the crowds, a quarter of the protesters leave
March 10: The Salabrachon Post is founded and posts its first article: "Protests erupt in the streets of Salabrachon"
March 12: John Hartman's son, James Hartman dies at the age of 74
March 13: Marksman speaks about Hartman in a Press Conference
March 15: Another quarter of the protesters leave, leaving 1,300 on the streets
March 17: Nooooooooooooooo signs an alliance treaty with Poland, France and Greece
March 20: Many of the protesters leave, 600 remain
March 21: Gerald Hartman, brother of James Hartman, dies at the age of 77
June 2: Hartman Mountain is discovered and named

January 8: All protesters leave and return to home
December 21: 100th Winter Day Celebration, there are large ceremonies

January 9: The semicolon (;) and diacritic (’ and `) keys come to Noon typewriters
July 17: The ellipsis (…) key is removed from Noon typewriters and the period key typed three times (...) is used, the design was created by a high school student that wanted his essays to be longer

August 12: Soon-to-be-President and Speaker of the State of Gaht Thomas Williams makes a speech at Conakija City Hall
December 3: Conakija suffers from snowstorm
December 15: A small riot of 14 people roam the streets of Salabrachon

January 31: Fearing the Rise of Germany, Marksman signs an alliance with the United Kingdom and the USSR

August 13: Nooooooooooooooo joins the League of Nations
September 19: Thomas Williams becomes speaker of the State of Salabrachon

May 15: Marksman falls to the flu and Jack Edwardson temporarily and unofficially takes over as President
June 28: Marksman recovers

Nothing major happens 1936

February 7: Thomas Williams speaks out about Marksman

September 16: The first Provisional Constitution is signed

June 30: Marksman dies of old age, Thomas Williams takes office
December 15: Nooooooooooooooo joins WWII

September 19: 20,000 people die in the war
December 21: 110th Annual Winter Day Celebration

October 15: Nooooooooooooooo steps out of WWII temporarily
December 8: Nooooooooooooooo joins again to support the United States of America after the Pearl Harbor bombing

February 3: Noon Officials intercept and decode a Morse Code letter, directed against the nation

December 19: Nooooooooooooooo pulls out of WWII, The Eighth Hush begins
December 20: The Noon War Party is banned

No major events happen in 1944

December 21: 115th Annual Winter Day Celebration
December 30: Thomas Williams is almost shot

February 22: The first NNPA Opposition Party member speaks out againts the NNPA
February 28: The NNPA speaks back

June 11: The Noon Military takes a decline
October 4: Williams is almost overthrown

July 9: Nooooooooooooooo signs an alliance with Skratmalatis

June 14: Noon researchers become interested in outer space

February 5: Thomas Williams proposes law E, a proposition to create the Equalist Party; however (due to many reasons), Williams says that he will stay with the communist party
February 19: E passes through the Senate, at 140 votes to 23
March 3: The Speakership announces a postponement of the vote on E for September
March 5: Thomas Williams attempts to speed up the process
March 6: The Speakership concurs, they will vote on it in July
March 30: The first member of the Focusist Party gets elected into the presidential primaries
June 1: Thomas Williams announces a "Government Day Reform", as in the day being changed to June 3rd to avoid being on a famous birthday; this was the birthday of John Hartman
July 5: The Speakership votes on E, it squeaks by at a mere 9 - 8
July 7: E reaches Williams, he signs it and it is put into place; the Equalist Party is born
December 21: 120th Winter Day Celebration

August 13: Jim Hartman, Great-Grandson of John Hartman, dies
August 19: Thomas Williams proposes law T, a proposition to help housing development
August 21: T streaks through the Senate, passing unanimously at 163 - 0
August 24: T gets through the Speakership, passing at 15 - 2
August 25: Thomas Williams signs T

December 15: Conakija gets hit by a severe snowstorm

June 1: John Hartman's 150th Birthday
June 4: Primary voting begins, Thomas Williams wins and moves on to the secondaries
August 15: Thomas Williams wins the election again

January 19: Salabrachon experiences record snowfall at 2 inches

August 11: NEMFA is founded

December 21: Winter Day celebrations are interrupted by groups protesting Noon ties with Skratmalatis, from whom they gained independence

February 5: 130th Noon Independence Day
June 3: 130th Government Day
June 19: The NSA is formed with the name Noon National Committee for Space Research

January 15: Conakija is hit by a sleet storm

No major events happen in 1959

December 21: 130th Winter Day Celebration

May 16: The book Where the Red fern Grows is first put in stock in Noooooooooooooo

February 5: 135th Noon Independence Day

May 19: The First Noon Iron Man Triathlon is held in Salabrachon

October 15: Thomas Williams gets sick

January 5: A snowstorm hits Conakija

October 19:Thomas Williams gets severely ill

March 15: Williams renames the country to a communist republic
December 19: Doctors say that Williams only has a few months to live

March 2: Williams dies
March 3: Coda Tal Jr. is inaugurated
March 22: 100 years since William Sala's death

Nothing major happens in 1969

January 1: Large celebrations are held throughout the country to celebrate the 1970's
February 19: Coda Tal Jr. announces a "New Era"
September 23: 13 Noons dead and several injured in a bombing in West Salabrachon

October 31: The First Annual Halloween Parade is held

March 3: The NNCSR is renamed to the NSA

March 24: 150th Anniversary of the first Skratmalatian settlement in 10000 Islands
September 19: Coda Tal Jr. is overthrown
September 20: Kaden Edwardson is inaugurated

January 28: Steven Rilo, 18th President is born

March 22: Coda Tal Jr. is shot and killed

Nothing major happens in 1976

February 5: Sesquicentennial anniversary of Nooooooooooooooo
June 1: Unofficial Government Day
June 3: Official 150th Government Day

June 17: 150 years after the death of the last administer of Noon Territory, Chilm Gédce

February 21: 150 years after the death of the second administer of Noon Territory, Gerald Hecdé

January 1: Celebrations are held throughout the nation for the New Year
December 21: 150th Annual Winter Day Celebration

February 19: The first DeLorean automobile is purchased in Nooooooooooooooo
February 20: The 1980 midterm election winners are sworn in

February 5: 155th Independence Day
August 15: Kaden Edwardson is re-inaugurated

December 13: Noon forces land in Grenada for three days

Only minor events happen in 1984

February 16: William Sala's 190th birthday
August 15: Darrell Stomana is inaugurated
December 21: 155th Annual Winter Day Celebration

February 19: Stomana is criticized

February 5: 160th Independence Day

November 19: Stomana is criticized once again

February 9: Stomana introduces Flag Day

August 15: Stomana is re-inaugurated with a new Vice President
December 21: 160th Winter Day
December 27: Vice President Zachary Clark dies; Jack Maranija is sworn in

June 3: Riots protest Stomana's government

February 5: 165th Independence Day

July 19: Stomana is overthrown; Frank Robertson takes office

January 12: An anonymous man by the name of Mr. Thresa accuses Robertson of fraud