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10 Tallest mountains in Nooooooooooooooo

The tallest peaks in Nooooooooooooooo are very iconic throughout the nation. They mark a symbol of elevation and/or challenge if you're going to climb them.





Height (estimated in feet)

Conakija Mountain

Jonas Conakija, 2nd president

February 18, 1845

~ 150,000 ft.

Mount Correalo

Jacob Correalo, famous writer

March 15, 1845

~ 110,000 ft.

Sala Peak

William Sala, 1st president

May 18, 1870

~98,000 ft

Mount Manadija

Caleb Manadija, 2nd Vice President

February 18, 1845

~90,000 ft.

Móntá Gomona

Walter Gomona, composer

February 3, 1912

~81,000 ft.

Mount Darsnamana

Unknown, probably after an early version of the word for snow, dorsorma

June 15, 1885

~64,000 ft.

Heartbreak Peak

Lives up to its name

October 3, 1922

~50,000 ft.

Twin Peaks

John and George Hartman

August 4, 1938

~43,000 ft.

Angoreje Peak

Gus Angoreje, 4th president

March 15, 1894

~30,000 ft.

Hartman Mountain

John Hartman

June 2, 1929

~26,000 ft.