The ⠀ balo kingdon ⠀ of
Democratic Socialists

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"When you strengthen up, you weaken the will to not take chances."
~Thomas Morrison, 17th Speaker of the State of Gaht

"If I don't do it, I can say that I did, but if people believe me, they'll be believing something that isn't true."
~Robert Barham, 3rd Baseman for the Salabrachon Oaks

"Why would you get mad if the reason you're mad is because of something you did?"
~William Sala, 1st President of Nooooooooooooooo

"I only believe things until I stop seeing them."
~President Steven Rilo, 17th of Nooooooooooooooo

"I have finally made it."
~Gus Angoreje, 4th President

"Do what you can with what's around you."
~Aaron Klorared, 18th President of neighboring Nation, Skratmalatis

"Kindness can only destroy one thing: Hate."
~Edward Dale, actor and playwright

"If I start malfunctioning, everybody else should so it's uniform."
~General Damien 'Skip' Johnson

"If you want it to be better, it has to be worse first."
~Artist John Mason, Singer for Mountain Cloud, Nooooooooooooooo's #1 band 8 weeks in a row

"When I have the peak of my life, I will know that I will never accomplish anything greater."
~Jake Stevens, Point Guard for the Salabrachon Baskets

"Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. As you go forth, you put more pieces in. The puzzle may be incomplete; Some pieces may not fit; Some pieces may be corner pieces, as you know where they go; some pieces belong to a different puzzle, and you can control what happens to yourself."
~Novelist John Hartman

"Simple words are the only ones most of us will understand."
~Olaf Harren, chemistry editor for The Noon Dictionary

"He who travels alone will never be."
~Derek Morrison, 14th speaker of The State of Gomona

"Us! We! Me and you! Both! Together!"
~William Jones, author and composer

"When you are looking for something, you're never prepared for it."

"None of the idiots in the nation are good at it."
~Albert Ellis, Writer

"It's a small world."
~Ned Rincon, Writer

"Never decline something if you know that you're good at it, but never take chances when you know that you can't do it."
~John Daryl, Drummer for Mountain Cloud

"Forget what other people envy of you if you want to be successful."
~Kaden Rollins, Meme Publisher

"The Kloom language may be silly and mainly derived from English, but it is now known in this nation by heart as a fantastic language."
~John Hartman

"It's infuriatingly amazing how people trust others so much as to where they are gods to them."
~Logan Hartman, Actor

"Let's come together."
~Doctor Bill Sanchez

"We are not going anywhere if we stand on the sidelines the entire time."
~Sergeant Joseph Baker

"The beginning of your life may be the beginning, but for others, it's the beginning of the rest of their life."
~George Alama, author

"What good is one who only thinks about themselves, to others? The answer is nil."
~Jack Fallen, writer and composer

"♫Where the mountain meets the valley, where the ocean meets the desert, where the road meets the path, is where I want to meet you.♪"
~Lyrics to the song, Opposites by Mountain Cloud

"Those who think they have no power, eventually, will have no power."
~Daniel Erikson, theater actor

"Highways are rubber bands tying the nation together."
~Thomas Williams, 10th president

"Don't be ashamed of who you are or what you are. You have the right to be you."
~Dallas Humphrey, writer and composer

"Elaborate, let your thoughts free, and you will succeed."
~John Hartman

"Whenever you are not sure of something, don't hesitate to ask a stranger."
~Caleb Manadija, 2nd Vice President

"The best place to hide is in plain sight."
~Martin Gèrard, author

"You can find a pot of gold in a book because it's the same place where you can find the end of a rainbow."
~Bill Romert, author