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Narvatus for the FNR-April 2020 (Presidency)

Vote Narvatus for the FNR

on April 17, 2020

Here are all the reasons you should vote for Narvatus:

  • More politics:
    For far too long, the FNR has been devoid of politics, leaving much to be desired for mainly political players like myself. While the FNR is currently supposed to be a region with a variety of things to do, and I do not intend to change this, we should also make our political scene just as fun as all the other things to do in this region. To accomplish this, we should have:

  • An elected legislature: while this initially proved unpopular in the Legislature, many people would actually probably find it more fun if we did have an elected legislature (with an all-inclusive lower house, of course).

  • Simulative politics: It would also be more fun if we tried to simulate an ideological tension to make the politics of the FNR a bit less boring. We could do this by emulating real-world ideologies or creating tension with ideologies that can be applied to NS.

  • Programs and awards:
    I think that awards and programs help the region in the aspects in which they happen. As such, I would like to introduce these:

  • Citizen of the month award: At the end of each month, citizens will be nominated for the Citizen of the Month award. The nominee list will be narrowed down and a regional poll will be held to decide who the winner is.

  • WA proposal authoring group: A program where you can sign up to decide what to write a proposal on and collaborate on its authoring.

  • Continuous recruitment and endorsement awards: Continue the Recruiting Championship and Endorsement Program to be a monthly award
    All these and more will come during my presidency

  • Government participation and regional communication: Government participation is very important. As such, we must intertwine it with efforts to expand our regional communication so more people are aware of government activity and participate in it.

  • Internal affairs primacy: The road of extensive foreign affairs is a dead end. The manpower needed to keep in-depth relations with regions could be used to make the region nicer and greater.

  • Experience:
    Experience is not important in the region, but some people care, so I will discuss it here. I have been a longtime member of this region, and have served in several positions in the past for quite a long time (mainly Speaker and WA Delegate). It would be unwise to trust an inexperienced player in a position as high as the presidency.

The Fеdеration of Narvatus