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[FNR] WA Resignation & Ejection Clarification Act


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Bill Details

Full Name: WA Resignation & Ejection Clarification Act
Abbreviation: RL-009

Date: 1/30/2020 (date of writing)
Brief Purpose: This amendment clarifies what happens when a citizen leaves or is ejected from the World Assembly.

RL-009, WA Resignation & Ejection Clarification Act


NOTING: that, around the time of the writing of this law, a significant event in a legal gray area requires the writing of this law;

UNDERSTANDING: that we need to know how to treat incidents like this in the future, major or minor.

This piece of legislation hereby amends/establishes/ratifies the following:

  1. Creates Section 7 of Article II of the Constitution, containing subsection A, stating If a nation is to leave the World Assembly after being a member of it when that nation became a citizen, they will be obligated to fill out a citizenship application or rejoin the World Assembly within 7 days of leaving. During this 7 days, they will retain the right to vote in the Legislature and hold public office.

  2. Section 7 will also contain subsection B, stating If a nation is to be rightfully ejected from the World Assembly due to a rule violation on that nation's behalf, their citizenship will be completely removed with it, and will not have citizenship until their application on the forums is sent and processed. They will also be banned from running in elections for 4 election cycles. If they held any sort of public office, they will be immediately removed and a special election will be held in accordance with article 3.4.a.

Proposed & Signed,
(Acting) President of the Free Nations Region

The Federation of Narvatus