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Lotionese Empire

The Lotionese Empire



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and largest city

New Kishinev

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Absolute Monarchy

Lotion IV

Petrov Savinkov


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2018 estimate

About 368,368,440

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2018 estimate

Estimated $1 Trillion



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The Lotion Empire, officially the Lotionese Empire is a nation located in Lotioia whilst holding possessions in Fusea, Usonea, Verusa, and Anea itself. It borders the nations of Malphe, Krinslo-Guyomartand, Daki, Meria, Minuda, the "Gold Bay", Penult, shares the maritime borders of Drusselstein and Oile Islands. The Lotion Empire has a populace of 368 million. With the massive land of Lotioia, and the colonial possessions, the Lotionese population has spiked up considerably these past few years. For Lotioia, there's a balance of the populace being dense around the coast and inland. For Lotionlandia, the area is mainly dense around the coastal regions of the country. For the Noblinksia Islands, the island thats the most dense in the region is the island of Makhya. In St.Alexander, the densest area is around the "horn" of the colony. The capital of the Lotionese Empire is Lotiongrad, while other major cities include the New Kishinev, New Mygrosk, Leijing, Kabirsk, and Severoyzl. The Lotionese Empire spans multiple continents, four time zones, and numerous environments and land forms.

The first unified Lotionese state emerged in 1249 with the unification of all of Lotioia by the Kingdom of Kishinev. With the announcement of unification in the city of Lotiongrad. The nation quickly began widespread literacy programs and reforms, and expansions were made. Despite which, the kingdom had collapsed in 1460, with numerous Lotionese states appearing; Such as the Serfdom Council of Yakuvony, the Kingdom of Okhtsk, the Lotionese State, the Principality of Kishinev among others. The Lotionese State entirely relied upon trade with the other Lotioia state's for its economy and agriculture, and found itself at odds with the Serfdom Council of Yakuvony. But later would ally with the Serfdom to rival the expanding Kingdom of Okhtsk on their borders. Some expeditions would occur in the Lotionese State, and to find new trade routes to different nations and discover new lands, and they'd end up finding the Sawtooth people, and brought over Yakuvoniak culture towards the lands. The Lotionese Republic would later emerge, and would do even more expeditions, and expand more so then the now-Tsardom of Okhtsk. During the 1890s, there'd be a massive debacle for the Lotionese - The Yakuvoniak question. Which was a situation regarding the now defunct Serfdom Council of Yakuvony. There would be an agreement between both of the nations to have the Serfdom Council of Yakuvony be made an autonomous oblast within the Lotionese Republic. However, this agreement would be undone after the Recession War.

In 1910, a war between the Republic and the Tsardom of Okhtsk occurred, which was known as the "Novobrisk War." Eventually, the Republic would win and annex the rival Tsardom, but at a high cost of life. Eventually, in the 1930s, a massive economic decline would occur, and the nation would experience numerous secession attempts, in what would become known as the "Recession War." Eventually, the war would become a Republic victory in 1945. Reconstruction would last until 1955, until in 1956, where the 3 Day War occurred which became a decisive Republic victory occurred. The nation would continue to build up its military until it got couped in 2005, where the Republic of Yakuvony, a military dictatorship was formed. A civil war would eventually occur in 2007, between the Communists, the Tsarists, and even some Democrats were against the Republic. Eventually, the Republic would win, but later fall to a revolution, and the monarchists seized control of the nation, thus forming the Lotionese Empire. In 2018, the Lotionese Empire would start a rapid expansion, with the most recent one being the annexation of Zemlya der Shneese in 2019, during the Lotionese-Armenian War.

The Lotion Empire's LinkGDP per capita(Nominal) is approximately 31,058. The Lotion Empire's possess rich amounts of iron in the numerous mountains within the nation, and has some gas and fuel reserves. The nation has some levels of potential for a great power, and the nation is currently apart of Pax Havenica, and is currently an officer within the alliance. The Lotionese Empire additionally holds numerous military installments within a numerous amount of countries, and holds a pact between the nation of Triekru.