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New Frontiers

[New Frontiers]

Unopis II is the closest planet to the sun, and has highly toxic and salty water. The planet is extremely hot, which will provide defense for nations on the planet. This doesn't apply to nations who both started in Unopis II.
Inhabitants: Franco-British-American Empire

Unopis III is another hot planet, but is tropical compared to Unopis II. It is the second closest planet to the sun, and has reports of spotted aliens and even alien wreckage. The water is clean, and extremely Fresh.
Owner: The doggos free land

Unopis Prime is the Third Closest planet to the Sun, and experiences climates very similar to that of Earth. Nations that start here tend to be more populated and advanced, but have no natural defense, besides some mountains. Overall, it is perfect for settling, but terrible for defending.
Inhabitants: Jodilee, The Second Qing Dynasty, Pewds Supporters, Greater manchu state

The Asteroid Belt is extremely wide and difficult to pass, and seperates the hotter planets from the colder ones.

Unopis V is the fourth planet from the sun, and is the perfect compromise between Cold temperatures and so it has flourished, and was the location of "The Great Divide", when Humanity split up, taking different planets, and creating new cultures. It is also the location of the first human civilizations, and where humans were born. The planet is mainly urban, but also has some rural area. The Ocean is fresh and salt water mixed, but most animals stick close to land, because most salt water is near the coast.
Inhabitants: Missouria

Zeus is the fifth planet from the Sun, and is relatively chilly. Ice plays an extreme part in the climate, which due to ice meteors striking fluently, prevents most natural heat from being generated. The Planet isn't unbearable frost, but is a cool winter breeze. Except all days of the year. The Water contains mostly saltwater, but the large icecaps contain almost all of the freshwater generated on the planet. Fishing is an important and lucrative business, due to the ocean being jam packed of sea creatures, and even more terrifying, sea monsters. The ocean is relatively unexplored, so the nation's who settle here can make up monsters and sea creatures as they want.
Inhabitants: Rwekazaland

Unopis IV is the sixth farthest from the sun. Unopis IV is a planet rich of resources and luxuries, but are locked behind the thin atmosphere, and unforgiving land. The planet is the youngest in the solar system, and has high volcanic activity. Life here is sparse, divided, and usually consists of low intellect miners. Establishing a permanent Civilization here is practically impossible.

Luna is the seventh farthest planet from the sun, and is currently having a 250 year long nuclear winter. The past inhabitants were involved in a nuclear armageddon, which resulted on billions of deaths. Although life still resides here, living here is extremely difficult and punishing. The radiation provides a natural defense from attackers, and is easy to defend. The ocean is toxic, and undrinkable, no matter the location.

Unopis VI is the farthest planet from the sun, and the oldest planet in the solar system. The animals here are extremely peaceful, and have made peace with the human residents. The planet is difficult to inhabit, but is a truly beautiful planet. Freshwater is abundant in the ice floor, covering the deep oceans below. The Natural Defense is the snow dunes and frozen climate.


Denmare is the closest planet to the Halcyon Sun, and has a nice, cool environment. The Planet was sold to the Soviet Government in 2179, but was hit with overpopulation in 2365, during the great destruction of Earth. The Third Second Soviet Union, sent their Population to Denmare,.which would become The Third Soviet Union. Under the leadership of Premier Elijah, the second Soviet Union would flourish, but would still have overpopulation. After the collapse of The Board, the Soviets gained full autonomy, and convinced the Louis Intergalactic Holdings Corporation (also known as LIHC) to not auction Denmare off. Denmare itself is a large planet, with a cool atmosphere, but has a toxic gas wipe over the planet in the summer months, leading to the construction of better masks to combat the gas. Owner: Third Soviet Union

Paris is the second closest planet to the Halcyon Star, and is the largest planet in The Halcyon Cluster. Paris isn't as populated ad Denmare however. The colony of Paris was owned by The Intergalactic Travel Initiation, or ITI, and served as a gateway from Earth to Halcyon and other colonies, which has made it's Population rich. Although the planet is owned by Anime people, many of the citizens are still loyal to the ITI. The planet is renowned for having some of the best public transport systems in the galaxy. The actual environment is mostly grassland, with a tall mountain range in the North, creating a large desert. The oceans are extremely deep and active with life, with the deepest points full of active volcanoes. The smaller islands are full of volcanoes as well.

Washington is the third closest planet to the Halcyon Sun, and is covered in moss. The previous owners were a Gun Production Company, called "Liberty Breathers Guns and Co." The company overworked their citizens and didn't care about the health and safety violations, including the toxic moss that would slowly consume the factories, until 2261, when a lawsuit brought the company crashing down, which lost the colonies Earth support. In 2270, the colony would be resold to Theberstan. The planet itself consists of mainly swampland, and grassland, although mountains and desert biomes do exist near the Fault Line Collision, where the five ancient tectonic plates collided thousands of years ago.
Owner: Theberstan

Thanks to Monarche for making some of the factbook itself!