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Updated Korolk




Gained Independence:

January 8th, 1947(from New british texas)


Korolkian Based Nationalism

Official Language:





Link"Set Sail."

Empire Of Korolk

"Gloria Ad Korolk"


2.427 Billion Korolkians live their happy lives, while Westerners are often criticized for their older style views.

Current head of government: General Richter Schmidt
Current head of state: Queen Sofia Müller

Korolk's leaders are decided by votes. If a general is killed, and has no heir, another high ranking officer.
List of current Korolkian Parties:

Facist: Korolkian League Of Patriotism.
Members: 140/150

Democratic: Korolkian Democratic Party
Members: 3/150

Communist: Korolkian Social League
Members: 2

Monarchist: King's League Of Korolk
Members: 6

Leaders Of Korolk (By Date)
1. Joseph Kel (1947-1950)
2. Duff Feldmaier (1950-1951) [ASSASSINATED]
3.Morgan Kel (1951-1954)
4.Anne Bowman (1954- 1966)
5. Kaer (1966-1980) [First Dictator]
6. Penelope Bowman (1980-2006) [Longest Running President]
7. Abraham Ross (2006- 2014)
8. Montgomery Josephson (2014-2028) [ASSASSINATED]
9. Jorge Koven (2028-2050) [Executed]
10. Atlas Gorvo (2050-2055) [Has been said to be the Nicest Leader]
11. Rex. Nivokol (2055-2058)
12. Redhawk (2058-2058
13. The Senate 2075-2090
14. Michael Nivokol 2090-2100
15. Joseph Mnarkov 2100-2113
16. Queen Sofia Müller 2113-2117
17. General Richter Schmidt
Other Common Languages In Korolk with Percentages
Korolkian - 93%
Soviet - 3%
Other- Less than 1%

Law Enforcement

Korolk's law enforcement takes pride on it's relatively good enforcement system, and for controlling many riots..


Korolk's culture is said to have been created in 1608, when a Scottish settler claimed he was attacked by a beast of "Big Fire". He said the beast was named Korol, and they left the area. The Empire Of Kortolkiantopole was founded in Korea, and was built to help please the beast and make sure it didn't get out of that empire. This was around 1742 and started the idea of sacrificing humans to Korol. Kortololkiantopole was soon pushed out into sea, and they were forced to please the beast on the now historic island of Bomb Island. (A.K.A. the area NBT was formed in.)


The Korolkian currency, Korolkian Dollars, is the standard USD, but x3.7.


Korolk's social views are highly based off of the ones the Korolkian God "Galiceus" had.
"If you want to be remembered, you need to be large." Which have since been abolished


Korolk's History was explained briefly in Cultural, but is not that long....

Around 13 A.D- First people to see Korol claimed the area as "Kuai Empire"
420- Korol is supposedly killed by a Chinese tribal group.
609- Kuai Empire turns into "Korol"
700- Korol moves into North America, where native tribes begin calling him "Lord"
1210- Mongol Empire invades Korol to reach Japan.
1608- First English colonizers found Korol in Virginia Colony.
1710- Korol relocates back to Asia
1742- Kortololkiantopole forms
1859- Kortololkiantopole is pushed out of Korea and into Asian and Oceanic islands.
1900- Korolk is annexed by the British Colony, New british texas
1947- Korolk is freed from the U.K with the help of Vietnamese revolutionaries.
1950- Korolk goes Communist
1954- Korolk goes Democratic
2045- Korolk has a civil war.
2050- Jorge Koven is executed, ending the Civil War.
2057- Tensions begin rising between Korolk and a Germanic Nation...
2058- Wastes take control briefly
2060- The Government reforms as a communist republic briefly
2090- Neodemocracy abolished
2091- Democracy starts briefly
2100- Communism also starts briefly
2101- Monarchism is reinstated
2113- A military Junta is installed.

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