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Iron Fist Consumerists

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List Of All Korolkian Surveillance and Peacekeeping stations

THIS LIST WAS LAST UPDATED : May 2nd, 2020 Similar to Lyronesia's list of their islands, this list will be organized into
Bold: Strategic Value
Italic: Observation Station
Underline: Peacekeeping Station

The Yanacagua Research Facility
Location: 22 Miles Northeast of Papua New Guinea

Lewis Airfield
Location: Three Miles West of Nuuk

Reykjavik Satellite
Location: Reykjavik

Monroe I
Location: Mars

Monroe II
Location: The Moon

Nivokol Dockyard
Location: Coastal Shadow Dealer

Gorvo Dockyard
Location: Coastal Shadow Dealer

Fort Rowley
Location: Coastal Jodilee

Fort Château
Location: Jodilee

Ji-Woo Pak Memorial Fortress
Location: Southern Missouria

Zulu Airbase
Location: North Malomae

Delta Airbase
Location: North Malomae

Fort Impenetrable
Location: Viko plabas

Warsaw Observation Station
Location: Rooperia