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Iron Fist Consumerists

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Yanacagua Island Government Funded Research Facility

YIGFRF is a research company that started in 1997, and was responsible for the first Korolkian missile, rocket, and the first Korolkian made Ship and tank. YIGFRF has been kept top secret until their 100th year anniversary when they released all of the projects they had worked on, excluding ones they are currently active on. YIGFRF is considered "The most advanced building in Korolk" by many. Although they don't mass produce their finished products, (The Korolkian Worker's League is responsible for that along with General Atomics International) they make many of the scientific advancements from Korolk. The Yanacagua Islands are a former part of Zealandia which also had bedrock from Antarctica crash together, unleashing a volcano which created the islands of Yanacagua just off the coast of Guinea. The first colonizers of Yanacagua where the Spanish built a small castle to protect the island from the nearby Dutch and British colonies. (The research facility is built on top of the same foundation) The castle was later colonized by the growing colony of New british texas. The population of Yanacagua is 500 scientists, who are replaced every 25 years, unless somebody quits.

A picture of the Yanacagua Research Facility.