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Issue Drafts

So, I figured I'd go ahead and compile a list of my drafts, both active and inactive. You can see all of my successful failures and my failed successes, and above all, my failed failures. Hope you enjoy. :)
Note: This list is as much for myself as anyone else. I could use a method of finding my old issues that's easier than using the search engine. :v

Affirmation Bias: Businesses are hiring only minorities.
Class in Ethics: PETA.
Trade Market Hitting New Lows: Slave trade.
Fishy Business: Wezeltonians are fishing outside your territory, causing disruption to local ecosystems.
A Socialist Insurance Policy: Startup non-for-profit insurance organizations are springing up in your well-thought-out planned economy
Weeping Widows: Clergies are banning widows and widowers from being wed.

Some Potential Recycling Material:
Baggy Land: Another trash issue, this time about non-plastic bags.
@@LEADER@@ on a Roof: the result of interethnic marriage in a non-inclusive society
Terror from Above: Foreign airflights are causing significant airspace invasion: Could you suck them dry with airspace taxes, or perhaps blow their planes out of the sky?
The Devil in the Details: Interpretation of inconsistencies and conflicting messages found in religious text
The Free Joy States: Happiness in an oppressive dictatorship
Multiplication Problems: An AI built to exponentially self-replicate is slowing down the national databasr network
A Tangled Web We Weave: Fishing nets. Was worked on, then needed massive rewrites, and I wasn't feeling up to it. May make an issue about ballast water or something, but I'm not sure about anything yet.

Submitted but not accepted (S):

Nickel and Diming: Your close ally and trade partner of Prudenlund has been plundered by Macronesian pirates, and they're asking you for naval support.
On the Right Track: Upon agreeing to construct a nationwide maglev network, numerous contractors and designers have come up with alternative, high-tech options, most claiming maglevs to be undesirable. CO: Noahs Second Country, Westinor, Honeydewistania, Authoritaria-Imperia, Socio Polor
Privilege Rights: There's whispering that corporations might be more powerful than the government.
Onto Grayer Pastures: Smog.
A Borderline Addiction: The leader of a neighboring nation said your nation is full of druglords.
A Terrible Issue: There's a terrible crisis that must be resolved! But how will it get done? And by who?
News Flash!: The news played flashing lights causing people to have seizures.
Dirty Deals: The United Federation is offering to pay you to take care of its trash.
Suspicious Stew: You find a cryptic message in your alphabet soup.
Drops of Mercury: Mercury (the element) and mercury poisoning.
River of Screams: environmental protection's so bad that a river caught fire, damaging nearby industries. Could be a bit too "environment issue blargh"y, but hopefully interesting enough.
Grotesque Consequences: Followup to banning body modification, discussing removing body modification from people who currently have it.
The Night Shift: parents want their kids out of the house during curfew hours. Somewhat reminiscent of citizens complaining about a policy, but still, a sight prettier than the current reversal.
Your Average Political Dispute: Everything's average. Honestly, not my favorite draft; pretty... un-issuey.
Got Dictatorship?: revolutionaries are being funded from outside your glorious dictatorship regime in an attempt to spread democracy. Discarded, didn't pan out.
Common Cents: What do you do with all the pennies you made obsolete?
A Permanent Stain: Full disclosure reveals that questionable experiments were carried out by your government on its citizens, long ago.
Home Off the Border: A person defected and starred in a foreign movie antagonizing your nation's closed borders.
@@LEADER@@ and the Floating Island: Should something be done about the mountains of plastic floating in the ocean? Already covered! silly me.
Pushing the Limits: Why does everyone go over the speed limit? It's the speed LIMIT, darnit! A bit trivial to most people honestly.
Stopped Stone-Cold: People are collecting rain water to circumnavigate the drugged water supply. Honestly somewhat needless between "Of Mice and Meth" and other issues where people get around bans.
Slave Drivers: AI citizenry and slavery is a touchy subject. May have been too niche or not-well-enough-written.
Hearts of Iron: Should we keep the crippled and near-dead alive, or should we save our resources for those who can still enjoy life and be productive? A bit non-satirical however, plus my lack of research into this and I see why this was probably discarded.
A Sign of Things to Come (CO to: Rednest): Landlords are upset that renters are putting up political campaigns on their property.
Step 2: Electric Boogaloo: Kids are still playing on their computers, just not with conventional computer games. A bit of a rinse-and-repeat of "people are circumnavigating a ban", though.
The Villain in Red: A communist book is being sold on the super anti-communist free market. Loved this one, I'm still sad it was probably discarded, though other issues about books and capitalism exist, so I understand.
Foreign Diplomats Going Bananas (CO to: Urran): Actually, they're playing pranks on people with banana peels in celebration of some holiday. In hindsight, not very realistic.
Prisoner Escapes... for the Umpteenth Damn Time: Self-explanatory.
Dinner for Two?: A foreign dinner where you have to eat products banned in your nation. In hindsight, probably not very realistic.
A Bad Seed / A New Leaf: Binary topics about corruption in towns for high-integrity nations and integrity in towns for highly corrupt nations. A bit too broad an issue(x2), however.
Breaking News Flash!: Followup to total anarchy. In hindsight, also probably not needed nor realistic. That title better go to an issue about flashing on the news.
Super Secret Screwup: The secret police force you just hired is not very secret. Maybe not very realistic, is it? Also more-or-less covered by #998. (though pretty funny ngl)
Circuit Breaker: Without computers, how is your glorious socialist regime going to trade with other socialists? Probably a bit too niche and/or unrealistic.
No Small Disaster: Your space elevator project collapsed under its own gravity. Unfortunately, it's a bit much of a "That was just a bad idea" draft.
Are We Not People too?: Followup to 502.1 about @@ANIMAL@@ citizens going to the vet. I loved that issue, didn't I? Good thing I got a better one accepted.
Broken Contacts: Nearsightedness is an issue. Maybe not enough of one for NS, however.
Rogue One: A Satellite Story (CO to: Drayxaso): A private-industry space ship almost crashed into a city in another country.
A Sporting Round of Table Tennis: So, what exactly counts as a sport? For that matter, what counts as a physical game? In hindsight, not my favorite draft.
More Food than We Know What to Do With: Issue about supplying too much food and food waste.
Head in the Clouds: You made a weather machine! Great! Now what are you gonna do with it? Assuming it works... probably doesn't work.
Near, Far Wherever You Are: Your secret police have taken your ministers out for a little walk. (Reminiscent of 998)
I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords: Tackles the possibility of the "singularity" in AI technology. Presumably not immediate enough and/or well-written to be added.
Not a Ruddy Thing to Eat: Consequence of poor agriculture. Thankfully covered by other authors in a better way.
Smoking Out the Smoke: Reversal attempt for both no smoking and restricted smoking. Died with the rest of them. Glad Ransium made two reversals though.
A Permanent Stain: Original attempt at the MK-Ultra-esc. draft. Redrafted and it was still not accepted, maybe should've taken a hint, though I thought I wrote it better the second time.
The Oppressed Majority (CO was: Chan Island [I think]): Issue about being so politically correct that the minority have taken a stranglehold on the majority. Extremely touchy issue, as expected, that should be handled delicately.
A Matter of Foreign Intervention: A minister is suspected of working with another nation. Similar thing going on in many issues, and in particular the issue chain @@CAPITAL@@gate.
Rats!: Killing off all the cats has ravaged the nation with rats and plague! Niche issue based on the assumption that two other issues, both stemming from the same issue, would get accepted and interact somehow.
Delved Too Deep: Gold mineries have collapsed due to the demand for money because of the gold standard. Not the greatest. All I have to say about it.
Banning Pets a Minor Faux-Paw?: Original pet-ban-reversal draft. Ransium helped a lot, but like his draft, it was basically "people don't like this policy" and thus didn't work out.
An Enormous Danger: Followup to creating dinosaurs or dragon-lizard-mutants, which in its own effect line say they fail. A much better dinosaur reversal was added soon after.
War of the... Wait, False Alarm!: Based on War of the Worlds, performed live on radio, causing many citizens to freak out irl. Maybe it was a bit dated?
Running Water (CO to: Al Hiwariyya al oula): Bottled water is ridiculously expensive in some parts of the nation (based on irl).
Pepper Spray Making Citizens Salty: Ah, my first draft after returning from my sparce-and-bad-drafts year. Guess it was a bit niche? I actually thought it was worked on, but I think something happened where the writing quality just wasn't good enough and it just didn't work out, which I understood. Still, it came close, once upon a time.
Vegan Carnivores (Co to: Australian rePublic): Issue about people feeding cats and dogs vegetables and no meat. In hindsight, not a national issue.
Friend or Foe: Should you help a small, breakaway nation, or the large, diplomatically-complicated rival nation it stemmed from? Was a good second attempt at an issue, but instead a better-written issue of the same topic was accepted soon after submission.
They Stole my Farm!: OK, pretty bad. It was meant to be an exception to the vegetarianism policy involving pescitarianism. It was my second-ever draft.

Discarded/Abandoned (X):
Invasive Maneuvers: (title originally for invasive species) Macronesia is constructing an island just outside your nation's waters, hoping to claim it for their own.
Coming Clean: Should divine punishment have its place in criminal punishment?
A Hairy Situation: Your hair dresser was assaulted by a caveman.
The Uranium is Always Greener: Your reliance on nuclear power and lack of a uranium mining industry is being exploited by Aldoustan. What should you do? Forgot other nuclear elements existed. And nations. brrrrrrrrrrrrr
In the Green: Your magnificent uranium mining industry could frankly prop up some nice power plants or nuclear arsenals.
How to Fling Your Filth: Now that you've decided to launch garbage into space, how will you do it? Will be taking a different approach, I think; lets things change.
Domestic Issues: Followup to banning pets in #431.3, they've taken over the streets and left farms in a wanting state. Was deemed a non-issue regardless of the interpretation of the option it was meant to chain from.
An Abhorred Foundation: Tree-planting charities are sending out advertisements and books through the mail. Ironic side of things trivial, Spam side of things mostly covered.
Paparazzi Uncovered Baffling Hoax, Squawk Many a Journalist: A pangram about a celebrity faking a hate crime in order to raise awareness about hate crimes. Not a @@LEADER@@ problem.
The Dull Wars: Tried explaining the Sharpness Wars of irl, but was too niche, too unimportant, and too uninteresting to non-music folks. I think it's amusing irl but in execution wasn't the greatest draft. Got me to start drafting again, though. :)
Shedding Light and Cadmium: Discusses the downsides of solar panels. Needed more research, may come back to it under a different light.
When Push Comes to Shove: Corporal punishment sent someone to the hospital. Was already covered.
What Goes In Must Come Out: Politicians are getting drunk at work. Doesn't work, plus already covered in a better way, kinda.
The Gene Pool: A disease has taken advantage of your vat-grown low genetic diversity. Didn't exactly work, and the requirements for it to work were a bit too niche. Still, hypothetically could have.
Dusting Off the Shelves: People buy too many books. Meh. Trivial really.
The Grass is Always Greener (CO to: Australian rePublic): People are using too much water on grass lawns. Was already covered by an early issue with the same name. DOY
Heavy Baggage: Now that you've banned plastic bags, what kind of bags should you use? It was decided that the citizens should decide.
Doctors Turning Green: Discussed using marijuana for medical use. Bland, no real sustenance.
A Stench in the Air: People are laying rubber. Was decided to be too trivial.
Not Burning the Midnight Oil: Teens aren't able to work late at night due to the curfew. Replaced with the Night Shift, which may or may not be added as-is.
Assurance in Insurance: People can't get insurance coverage. Kinda didn't work, due to reasons explained in-thread, but I might try reworking this.
@@LEADER@@ Forever: Now that you've declared yourself ruler for life, how will you rule when you're dead? Deemed an unnecessary joke after a better joke.
A Royal Flush: What happens during a forced abdication? Complicated deletion.
Not Feeling Up to It: Can you abdicate yourself? Complicated deletion.
Space Junk: How would one deal with a space force, OR flying junk into space? Discarded... may come back to the general idea, though.
A High Tale of Tall Tails (CO with: Valentine Z): Something about high horses. Didn't work, though maybe with some whimsy and a disbelieving character...
Left in the Open: Homeless children have nowhere to go during curfew. The issue about homeless children in general's of much more concern and already addressed.
The Gift That Can't Keep Giving: Your nation has spent too much on foreign aid. General consensus: It's not about being friendly despite what the options suggest.
Riding Between the Lines: Basically me complaining about dotted lines on roads. Meh.
Red Like a Book: Was an attempt at writing a socialist issue involving a lack of innovation. Didn't work out, given my capitalist perspective.
Left Baron and Undesirable: Original attempt at reversing absolute primogeniture. Worked under too many assumptions.
Untitled: Draftees are committing suicide. Too much overlap.
Wild Animals Gone Wild!: A wild animal ate its owner. Oof. Too much overlap.
People are Strange When You're @@A@@ @@ANIMAL@@: Followup to #502.3, replaced with En Bloc which was accepted. (See: List of Accepted Issues factbook)
Portal to the Future: A giant Portal 2 reference. Might come back to this. Overlap issues.
If All Else Fails...: (CO: Sacara) Issue about last-resort nuclear launch codes. Covered soon after by #1085.
Return of the Spikeballs: Followup to most options in #335. Was a tad bit of an unrealistic consequence to an already questionably realistic issue. Only one titled "Abandoned"; would change but it was last edited back in October 2017. [didn't stop me from fixing a draft from "submitted" to "accepted" two years late though.]
Who Would Expect a Secular Inquisition?: Secular variant to another, similarly-titled issue. Covered by #1014. Too bad, liked the title, but this issue's SO MUCH better than my draft imo.
Representing a Minority Problem: Was meant to be a reversal to native representation, fidging around the definitions. Didn't end up working with the definition, and the reversal was put into the same issue as the one with it, oddly enough.
Short People with High Stakes: Was meant to address children gambling. Didn't work but god I love option 3.
Can I Help You?: Was meant to address rudeness in the retail industry, but as it turns out, it was already covered! (I never had high rudeness or a good retail industry at the time.)
March of @@NAME@@: Was meant to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. but things kinda just fizzled out. Very... vague.
Banning Pets a Minor Faux-Paw?: Oh, looks like I tried this before too. It didn't work with the better version, either.
Secure the Leader!: Was meant to be an issue about protecting @@LEADER@@ from aggressive speakers. Covered.
Operator, I Need an Ambulence!: Was meant to be a 911 contest submission about visiting the hospital vs. working Had heavy doubts about this one, but honestly it could be interesting, though it's a bit too "@@LEADER@@'s life simulator"-y. Still, it could have wider state-wide connotations and implications.
@@LEADER@@'s New Bed Time: @@LEADER@@ goes bed shopping. Funny, but @@LEADER@@'s Life Simulator.
Aristocratic Atrocity: Was meant to be an issue about the rich getting into government. My first draft after the year of uncertainty, and it didn't really help me feel any less uncertain. Didn't pan out, and the writing wasn't great, but the premise actually did get implemented in a much better way with FuF's followup to banning corporate donations.
Disconcerting Concert: I was poking around trying to think of something more casual, given I had received a few more casually issues. This was my first "How does this concern @@LEADER@@" moments.
A Pillar For Society: My first-ever draft. It was about making a monument to commemorate @@NAME@@. Sound familiar? I think I just abandoned it because I felt super unconscious about it at the time, and in the end, someone else soon after submitted a much better issue than mine. :)

Note: This is not counting the dozens of other drafts I've never even put onto the forum, or the plethora of other ideas I have on the issue ideas list. :P