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Colonial History

For the most part of the colonial era, Jammlandia remained untouched. However, that changed when the Dutch arrived, and began setting up trading posts along western Jammlandia. This was met with attacks and raids by the Jammlandian Kingdom, and gave the Dutch a reason to invade. The Jammlandian Kingdom, while initially successful at repelling invasion attempts, but they were eventually overrun, and lost the western (although mainly unpopulated) region to the Dutch East Indies. Then the British came, and, while easily taking the Southern part of the remaining land, couldn’t break through the thick jungles and ambushes. They kept the land they took, but The Kingdom of Jammlandia still was on the map. After learning of the unification of the German Empire, and realizing that the British would probably invade again, they made an agreement with the Germans, and sweared alliance to the Kaiser, on the terms that they remained mostly self-governing. The Germans accepted, eager to hinder the British. The Northeast of Jammlandia was the most populated, and the most heavily fortified, naturally and man-made. This angered the British, but they really not able to do anything about it.