The Hermit Kingdom of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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New Regional Government structure I'm devloping

I thought of a new regional government idea it kinda like a mafia style republic it a faction system the region political system will revolve around these factions each faction should have two WA nations that serve as consuls now when a consul was elected to delegate that delegate faction will be the regime that rule the region they can remain in power if the other consul was elected now all the rest of the WA nation other then the two consuls they are regional senators they vote for the delegate because WA nation are full citizens every faction have their own culture their own government from authoritarian to democracy rule we could have wars to shift regional powers from factions to factions if we work together and make this a teamwork effort we could make this work feel free to add what you think we should add to fix this system once we perfected the government system that unique to our region it will make us look attractive to new players once the new government is in play working correctly we can make a mass recruitment. Telegram watch players flood into our region original government unique to FWO and we're very active too we can become a solid power if we're build this region together rise my brethren let me know what you think about it and send me ideas or quote me in RMB give me ideas this is for FWO and we need to be different from the rest and become the best of the best as a region

Here some more , , based on a faction style government a regions with factions always plotting for the crown faction position be kinda like sub governments running their own factions under the supreme government factions which their laws are absolute unless there was a regional challenger demanding a vote to steal the crown this can be done if the region voted for one of the consuls in that challenger faction if they don't win majority of senators votes in the regions they don't gain power and the current faction remain in power until next regional election are held this will bring more life to our region and make it more alive with ambitions running wild FWO deserve a system that will fit our region personality