The Hermit Kingdom of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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Legendary Hero Joseph Gotham

Joseph Gotham was born in a big corporate city that was ran by imperial capitalist scums who value money above all else this land where the poor were consider scum and were barely noticed before there was the Great Hermit Kingdom you know today there were in the time of the United Corporations who banded together to rule a nation of their own hundreds and hundreds of years of their tyrannical rule the mighty hero Joseph rose to the occasion growing up as an orphan working in a toy shop as a little boy started at six creating toys for the one percent nobles of the United Corporations he watched his people suffer for the first seventeen years of his life this seventeen years old boy no normal boy he had intelligent and witts people naturally followed him on a April day Joseph almost seen a massacre in front of him with a crowd around him but he was a well built man and was fear he had enough he grabbed the closest rock bash it on the soldier head grabbed his assault rifle started shooting every soldiers around him and begin yelling "grab the rifles and let's go" they killed every soldiers in the district saving the innocent running into hiding raging a guerilla warfare on the Capitalist scums of the United Corporations destroying air ports power stations and highways with dynamites and other explosives Joseph found plenty available fighting men after tears if attacking and harassing the corrupt regime he finally amass enough troops to go on a full on assault on on the United Corporations forces but unfortunately he was surrounded by the entire army and five other capitalist nations who been bought to help them keep their regime in power Resistance was so strong they almost achieve victory until Joseph was taken out by an sniper in a tree 400 feet away killing him instantly after seeing their great commander falling they're were in enrage by this over powering their enemy achieving victory Joseph Gotham will be forever in the history boy as a martyr but not any martyr a man who single handily gave the Iron Peoples the greatest hope of freedom and true equality after the war was finished his son Aaron Jopesh The First became the first king of the Great Hermit Kingdom of the Iron Soviet let the Iron Will of The Iron People last forever and always