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Political parties in Inven

Political parties in Inven

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Political parties in Inven is dominated by the Green Party. Inven's Constitution is silent on the issue of political parties since at the time of its signing in 1945 there were no existing parties.

The need to win popular support in a republic led to the Invenian invention of voter-based political parties in the 1950s. Invenians were especially innovative in devising new campaign techniques that linked public opinion with public policy through the party.

The modern party system consists of the Green Party and Democratic Parties. Several third parties also operate in Inven, and from time to time elect someone to local office. The largest third party since the 1990s has been the Republican Party.

Besides the Constitution, Progressive, and Libertarian parties, many other political parties receive only minimal support and only appear on the ballot in one or a few states.

Some political candidates and many voters choose not to identify with a particular political party. In some states, independents are not allowed to vote in primary elections, but in others, they can vote in any primary election of their choice. Although the term "independent" often is used as a synonym for "moderate," "centrist," or "swing voter," to refer to a politician or voter who holds views that incorporate facets of both liberal and conservative ideologies, most self-described independents consistently support one of the two major parties when it comes time to vote.
List of political parties

Green Party
Currently, the Green Party is the largest party in Inven.
Abbreviation: IGP
Color: Green
Political spectrum: center-left
Ideology: internationalism, pacifism, progressive, environmental, centrism, moderate
Democratic Party
The Democratic Party is the second-largest party in Inven.
Abbreviation: DCP
Color: Purple
Political spectrum: center-liberal
Ideology: internationalism, progressive, liberal
Republican Party
The Republican Party is the third-largest party in Inven.
Abbreviation: RLP
Color: Blue
Political spectrum: center-right
Ideology: nationalism, conservative
Consitution Party
The Consitution Party is one of the minor party in Inven.
Abbreviation: CTP
Color: Light Blue
Political spectrum: radical centrism
Ideology: centrisim, conservative, traditionalist.
Progressive Party
The Progressive Party is one of the minor party in Inven.
Abbreviation: PGP
Color: Pink
Political spectrum: centrism
Ideology: centrisim, progressive, reactionary.
Liberal Party
The Liberal Party is one of the minor party in Inven.
Abbreviation: LBP
Color: Light Green
Political spectrum: liberal
Ideology: liberal
Communist Party
The Communist Party is one of the very small party in Inven.
Abbreviation: CPI
Color: Red
Political spectrum: authoritarianism
Ideology: communism, reformist
Nazi Party
The Nazi Party is one of the very small party in Inven.
Abbreviation: NPI
Color: Dark Red
Political spectrum: far authoritarianism-right
Ideology: extremist

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