The Dominion of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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The Dominion of Heillblod


Motto: "No man will have
mercy on another."

Anthem: "lands-madr"


Population: >8 Million

Capital: Agaetiboer
Largest City: Ageatiboer

Official Language: Heillblodish

National Language: Heillblodish (With regional accents)

Demonym: Heillblodian

- High King: Asbrand the Yellow
- High Queen: Eyvida Green-Winter
- Overseer of the Thing: Vidkun Värmodstein
- Great Druid: Asny Erikk

Legislature: Thing of Heillblod (Thing)

Establishment: from an ancient civilization
Independence: 1631

Land Area: 7,476,721 km²

Water %: 9,4

Highest Point: Bjarmaland Mountain 2,111 m / 6,926 ft
Lowest Point: Ninboldor -2.41 m

GDH(Gross National Happiness: 98

Human Development Index: 0.636

Currency: The penningr

Time Zone: CDT (Central Heillblod Time)


The Dominion of Heillblod commonly called Heillblod is tribal monarchy located on the continent Heillblod that covers about 7,476,721 square kilometers and has an estimated population of >8 Million. Heillblod comprises of 13 regional states.

Heillblod was once home to an ancient civilization that collapsed for unknown reasons. The ruins were only discovered in 1814, deep under present-day Galmastrond. Many trinkets and artifacts still wash up along Heillblods shores.Various tribes have inhabited the northern parts of modern Heillblod since classical antiquity. A region named Hardr was documented before the year 100. During a migration Period, the tribes expanded southward and into the east. In the 17th century, the eastern heillblodian tribes at this time consisting of Hardr, Gjalparblom, Agaetiboer, Galtiskogr, Mipalhar, Froeknliga, Veidi-Ferd and Eybarmr, also called "the old states" today, formed the national state Heillblod. During the 18th century, the western regions became the centre of the "War Of The Scorching Lands", wich was won by Heillblod, and resulted in the final merge of all heillblodian people under one state. The discovery of artifacts show that ancient humans were present in Heillblod at least 600,000 years ago. The oldest complete hunting weapons found, were discovered in a coal mine in Asar where three 380,000-year-old wooden javelins were unearthed. Evidence of modern humans has been found in caves in the East of Hardr. In 1631 Hrok Thorgilsson was crowned first High King of Heillblod after the various eastern tribes formed the state.

1.1.List of the High Kings of Heillblod

1631 - 1639 - Hrok Thorgilsson - He was the first High King to rule Heillblod, after convincing the eastern tribes to form a national state. His reign was short, as he was poisoned a few years into his kingship.

1639 - 1662 - Sigewine Cnutsson - Sigewine took over after his uncles death. It wasn't easy for him to hold the newly formed alliance together and to compete aginst his relatives who also had an eye on the throne. During his reign the tribes grew together.

1662 - 1677 - Jonstar the Crow - Jonstar came to power after a conflict between Sigewines and his family. His 15 year long reign was branded by his illnesses but also social reforms. Jonstar was a very spiritual leader.

1677 - 1700 - Holmstein Bearclaw - Holmstein always wore a big bear claw around his neck, wich made him famous. He is usually knows for being the first one to plan to merge also rest of the Heillblodian people together under one state.

1700 - 1746 - Gunnhild Thorgilsson - Gunnhild was the first and last female High Queen to rule over Heillblod. She came to power after various conflicts concerning her at this time being the last living relative to Hrok Thorgilsson.

1746 - 1767 - Birkrmoor Laggard - Birkmoor, the grandson of Holmstein, completed his grandfathers plans, by starting and winning the "War of the Scorching Lands" and thus enlarging Heillblod over the whole continent into the west.

1769 - 1769 - Wilhny Saranssen - After the death of Birkmoor, several men claimed the throne, and after a short interregnum Wilhny was crowned High King. He ruled just a few months before being assasinated by his own wife over marriage issues.

1769 - 1793 - Hallward Sloeggr - The succession problems continued afters Wilhny's sudden death and it een came to minor violent conflicts. Hallward finally got the trust of the Thing and ruled 22 years. His reign was marked by stability and spirituality

1793 - 1830 - Ingemar Snake-Eye - Before becoming High King, Ingemar was Jarl of Losna. The Thing saw the need to make someone from the newly added states High King and Snake-Eye was very powerful and had a good standing among his clansmen

1830 - 1856 - Ondott Karisson - With Ondott the nearly 100 year long reign of the Karisson family begann. Ondott protected Heillblod against the ongoing industrialization and liberalism. Thus he is mostly remembered for a lot of harsh reforms and laws.

1856 - 1885 - Herlam Karisson - Herlam was the son of Ondott. His reign was very quiet and he wasn't often seen in public. He had a strong bond and love for his brother Viggi, who he prepared from day one to become High King.

1885 - 1911 - Viggi Arnthor Karisson - Viggi became High King in 1885 against the will of most of the Thing members, but rather with the help of the fromer Queen, his brothers widow. Viggi died without any powerful relatives, and thus his families reign ended

1911 - 1934 - Ysgrstr Skjotla - Ysgrstr was a former fisherman, who was put in place as a puppet High King by the Thing. Those 22 years are commonly known as "The false reign", a period where the Thing had far greater power over the country than usually

1934 - 1955 - Hroar the Kind - Hroar, the Jarl of Veidi-Ferd at this time, restored the power system. He arrested and executed the important members of the Thing and put himself in place as High King.

1955 - 1983 - Sigurd Bone-Crusher - Sigurd was the former huscarl of Hroar. Despite the former High Kings efforts, a part of the people demanded democratic and liberal reforms after the "false reign". This lead to a civil war in 1964, won by Sigurd.

1983 - 2017 - Ulfgrim Bjaldemeer - Ulfgrim realized that certain things industrialization brought with it could be used by the government to have a better stand against rival nations. He implemented TV and internet for example, of course only for state issues

2017 - Now - Asbrand the Yellow - Asbrand, a cousin of Ulfgrim, succeded to the throne in 2017. He is the current High King and struggles to maintain Heillblods independence and health, confronted with the toxic modernity.


Heillblod comprises of 13 States. Each state is governd by a Jarl.

The Capital City Agaetiboer
Ruler: Town-Steward and Jarl Gunnald Hrutsson
Capital City: Agaetiboer

Ruler: Jarl Aldismond the Unfaithful
Capital City: Grimsa

Ruler: Jarl Bork Styrkar
Capital City: Krisuvik

Ruler: Jarl Skalde Halldor
Capital City: Kjaransvik

Ruler: Jarl Borvtar Asherssen
Capital City: Hanatun

Ruler: Jarl Irners Bjoorinson
Capital City: Frooa

Ruler: Jarl Ysode the Old
Capital City: Kopanes

Ruler: Jarl Ylgalstein Ingrorkesson
Capital City: Mannafalls

Ruler: Jarl Agmer Blue-Winter
Capital City: Landeyjar

Ruler: Jarl Hafnrik Ulfrich
Capital City: Gnupufell

Ruler: Jarl Isi Eiddingg
Capital City: Jokulfjall

Ruler: Jarl Skulkmund Lakaukr
Capital City: Mjölhammar

Ruler: Jarl Geimund Farmann
Capital City: Holmssund

Heillblod has a decent & only slowly growing population. Birthrate in Dunrim is very good, about 4 births per woman. The largest ethnic consist mainly of Heillblodians, wich splits up in the different tribes.

Dunrim has one official language: Heillblodian. About 99% of the people speak it. The other 1% splits up into various other languages. The different tribes also have their owl local languages and accents.

Almost all of Heillblod believes in the Old Gods. Only 1.5% of Heillblod has either no or a different religion, although it is illegal.

Heillblod is a tribal monarchy with a Thing, consisting of the various Jarls, and no constitution. The Thing could be compared with a parliament, but it's not really the same. There is no official divison of powers, but the Thing has a lot of unofficial power. It can give advises, or make suggestions to the High King. A lot of the rules and laws in Heillblod are based upon tradition. The Great Druid represents a spiritual entity among the leading figures of Heillblod, who is in direct contact to the gods. The members of the thing, next to their duty as Jarl of their state, serve the High King in different branches of government.

3.1.The Thing

High King: Asbrand the Yellow
High Queen(No official function): Eyvida Green-Winter
Overseer of the Thing: Vidkun Värmodstein

Inner Circle:
Town-Steward and Jarl Gunnald Hrutsson - Agriculture and Food
Jarl Isi Eiddingg - Military
Jarl Skalde Halldor - Culture and Spirituality
Jarl Borvtar Asherssen - Foreign Affairs

Outer Circle:
Jarl Geimund Farmann - Fishing and Coastal Affairs
Jarl Irners Bjoorinson - Forest and Animals
Jarl Hafnrik Ulfrich - Justice and Police
Jarl Agmer Blue-Winter - Health
Jarl Ylgalstein Ingrorkesson - Education
Jarl Aldismond the Unfaithful - Transport and Postal Services
Jarl Bork Styrkar - Children and Families
Jarl Ysode the Old - Finance and Trade
Jarl Skulkmund Lakaukr - Propaganda and Ideology

The Heillblod Armed Forces comprises the Army, Naval Services, the Air Force, the Special Warfare Branch and paramilitary forces.

Spending on defense and security has increased significantly in the last few years. 

Heillblod operates under the system of communitarianism.

The penningr is the main currency in all of Heillblod.

6.National Anthem of Heillblod

Anthem of Heillblod

Oh lovely Heillblod, so wondrously adorned

With mountains, and rivers cascading, flowing free.

My friend! Leave not my homeland to the hands of villainous men!

Render your chest as armour and your body as trench! Stop this disgraceful rush!

And my heartbeat will remain with Heillblod.

With the resolve of the winds and the fire of the weapons
And the determination of my nation in the land of struggle

Heillblod is my home, Heillblod is my fire,

Heillblod is my vendetta and the land of withstanding

The land is surrounded by and armoured with walls of steel,

But I have borders guarded by the mighty chest of a believer.

Justice, truth be ours forever

Heillblod, land we love.

But the brave and indomitable Heillblod

Will always hold its head high,

For if it were a thousand times enslaved,

It would a thousand times regain liberty.

Bright peoples of brave Heillblod

Have freedom and happiness

Key to happiness, column for prosperity

Our great country prosper.