The Most Serene Republic of
Left-wing Utopia

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The Most Serene Republic of Gymnostan - An Overview

The Most Serene Republic of Gymnostan

Motto: Man Came from Apes; Society Came from Man

Population: Debated
-Density: Debated

Capital: Godiva City
Largest City: Godiva City

Official Language: None at federal level.
Government business is conducted in English.
Ihoho, ciplac, and ro are also commonly used.

National Language: All government business
must be translated
to English, ihoho, ciplac, and ro

Demonym: Gymnostani

- President: Archimedes D’Siracusa VII
- Vice President: Paul Sutter
- Speaker of the Trifora: Waleed Pukiameha
- Chief Justice: Imogen Paliwa’a

- Upper Assembly: Forum of Heritage
- Middle House: Forum of Elders
-Lower House: Popular Forum

Establishment: from Ceredigion Republic
Independence: August 10, 1747

Land Area: 87,000 mile²
225,330 km²

Highest Point: Callat (9,736 ft)
Lowest Point: Pentanque Depression (-139 feet)

GDP (nominal): 220 trillion verduroes
GDP (nominal) per capita: 27,270 verduroes

Currency: Verduro

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +177

Internet TLD: .gy

Gymnostan, officially The Most Serene Republic of Gymnostan, is a colossal, environmentally stunning island nation located in the South Pacific. The country’s population almost wholly resides on or around the central island, Hvarcab Llouh’ee. Gymnostani maritime territory extends 150 miles in each direction from the central island, and includes as many as 50 small islands and promontories. Until modern times, only three of these outlying islands were deemed habitable. Gymnostan became a unified, independent nation in 1747, making it one of the earliest former European colony to gain independence. It was established as a constitutional monarchy upon independence, with legendary King Ipo’iulameha uniting the entire island under one crown and Roger Townshend serving as the Prime Minister. This government lasted 129 years, until the monarchy dissolved and was replaced with a traditional constitutional republic.

As early as 250 AD, Polynesian settlers attempted to colonize Hvarcab Llouh’ee. It is believed that earlier attempts to colonize the island may have ended due to volcanic activity; there has been little evidence to support this, as the original Polynesian visitors were likely not literate and had few, if any, settlements on the main island. European conquest of Gymnostan commenced with Belgian traders hoping to capitalize on vast riches in the East Indies. A subsequent battle ended with nearly 80 years of relative isolation. In the late 1640s, the Society for a New Wales, established the first permanent European colony on Hvarcab Llouh’ee, naming it Ceredigion after a historical kingdom of Wales. Gymnostan has been an independent nation since 1747. Since 1890, presidents have traditionally taken a pseudonym. This has occurred upon swearing in in every election since 1894. The current president, Archimedes D’Siracusa VII, is of no relation to those Archimedes preceding him, and was born with the far less exotic name of Douglas Williamson.

Culturally, Gymnostan is well known for its museums and concert halls, as well as three social programs that are reflective of Naturism, the state religion. Within Gymnostan, it is illegal to consume intoxicants, including alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs. Public nudity is compulsory, following with a long tradition of nudity that has dominated Gymnostan’s history, except for periods of subjugation by European colonists and a brief military coup d’état which coincided with the beginnings of World War II.

Domestic Politics and Near-field International Relations

Gymnostan is democratic, as mentioned, and Gymnostanis enjoy a good election. Gymnostani’s are allowed to vote on a variety of positions and issues, with notable exceptions relating to appointees to the Gymnostan supreme court and the Forum of Heritage. Modern Gymnostan is renowned for its keen eye on education, and particularly encourages STEM in its compulsory education. Liberal arts colleges are wildly popular amongst young adults, and students debate the merits of various civil and political rights. Businesses are tightly regulated, and many white collar jobs require special education at technical or business schools. Despite this high level of education, Gymnostan tends to lose talent to regions that provide higher salaries, and Bigtopia is a particular threat with respect to draining the Gymnostani talent pool in disciplines such as computer programming, medicine, and pizza delivery. This is a shame, due to Gymnostan’s keen interest in outer space. Gymnostan is the first nation to launch a rocket full of fully nude astronauts.


Gymnostan is also known for its heavy investment in environmental causes, including alternative energy and public transportation, education, both compulsory and tertiary, and jurisprudence. There's a shortage of swinging hot spots as land development grinds to a halt; however, many of Gymnostan’s major cities include massive skylines to support the needs of a growing population. Gymnostani police are heavily invested in promoting the domestic tranquility, including enforcing its tough drug laws and cultural nudity norm. Due to these demands, income taxes are high relative to many other countries, and even higher for the wealthy. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a very well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare.

Gymnostan has a large, sluggish economy, worth trillions of verduroes. Verduros do not have a strong exchange rate, but this is rather meaningless given the relatively low cost of living. Its largest industries are within arts, entertainment, and recreation. The book publishing industry is the largest industry for both white collar and blue collar jobs, but this industry is in the process of reinventing itself with the prominence of ebooks and ereaders. The latest Harry Potter book is a bestseller, and is one of many British and American books that has taken hold in Gymnostan. In order to stimulate the economy, Gymnostan invests into many of its domestic companies, including controlling shares in supermarket chains, and other organizations. Average income is 26,270 verduroes, and distributed extremely evenly, with practically no difference between the richest and poorest citizens. However, this is partially offset by heavily subsidized energy, mass transit, and education.

Gymnostan is also known for its black market, which originated in the midst of World War II, following the brief legalization of alcohol. Due to the lack of the proper genes to establish tolerance for alcohol, alcoholism is a major problem in Gymnostan. Alcohol is a cultural affront to many native Gymnostanis, as it was used to subjugate the native population under European rule. Considering the nudity present in Gymnostani films, and the lack of taboo for so-called ‘blue’ films, there is also a huge black market for pornography – particularly as an export to countries wherein such products are illegal. In fact, Gymnostanis are quite proud of their utter lack of a nudity taboo, and nude art from outside cultures is becoming wildly popular. It is, of course, nothing out of the ordinary for Gymnostani artists. Sex is a common topic of discussion in fiction, including television shows at all hours.

Gymnostan is also widely known for the cultural importance of dog ownership. Gymnostan's national animal is the Gymnostani Mastiff, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and can be domesticated.

Nobody can identify the exact population of Gymnostan due to a variety of cultural norms and multiple regime changes in the Department of Demography. At one point, Gymnostan even published the number of avocadoes picked in a given year instead of a population.