The Oppressed Peoples of
Democratic Socialists

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A Brief History of Rosists

Everything started with the revolution of 1918 in Germany,where Rosa Luxemburg was brutally murdered at the behest of the Social Democrats,then,a group of proletariat of Mainz,revolted against the local bourgeoisie and took to the streets in protest against the tyranny of the Freikorps, and were massacred by the group, the leader of the revolution (until then pacifist) Dominicus Schmitz, formed an alliance with the almost extinct revolutionary fleet of Bavaria and warred against the paramilitaries and with the great invasion of the German military barracks on May 4, 1919.
An ingenious plan made by Dominicus that resulted in the surrender and submission of the German army to the revolutionaries, who later staged a coup in the Mainz district and took over the district's means of production making an independent state, with the help of over 50,000 civil guerrillas.
Soon the supposed independent state was criticized and attacked by members of the League of Nations as an inhuman nation for the assassination of Carl Urich (President of the People's State of Hesse) and being supported only by the Bolsheviks who, despite having disagreements on some points of the establishment of socialism, they still recognized themselves a lot in the nation, so the Soviet Union declared recognition of the independent state of the Mogunti, or, Rebel Nation of Spartacism, therefore, no country wanted to come into conflict with the Revolutionaries of West, well......... ..until 1933