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Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is a game wealthy business owners play against each other when they are bored. The game, much like the nation it was created in, has loose rules, but still has enough to be considered one game. Affirmative Action(AA) consists of at least two players, but may involve more.

The goal of the game goes as such: Each player(business owner) has a certain number of months to hire as many immigrant workers as possible. Each worker is worth two points, while workers of the same racial background as the player are worth one. Slaves are are often considered to be worth zero points due to their inability to refuse work, however this rule is not always played.

Whoever wins the game is crowned "The Immigration Sensation(IS)" The IS then throws a big party for the new workers that the competitor(s) must pay for. All the estimated lost revenue for that day is also paid back by the competitor(s) the day of or after the party.