The Empire of

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The Tides of Political Change

In the first few years of our country's existence the people turned to democracy and made it the official governing system of our newly created nation. The leaders of this new country who were all heavily influenced by the great philosophers of the country they had left behind believed that only democracy could provide the people a proper life due to its ability to let the people voice their opinions and turn those opinions into political action. But as our nation reached its 50th birthday the lives of the people were miles away from proper because democracy had failed to live up to its promises. Everyone that found themselves in a position of power after being elected by the people were simply bought off by the wealthy, incompetent, or too cruel to care about their nation leaving the people screaming into the void as their voices were never turned into political action. As the country and the peoples' lives got worse and worse a nobleman began to wander the country and spoke to the people about the failures of the governing system that their ancestors had put into place. This nobleman who's name has long been forgotten eventually lead those that followed him into a bloody revolution that lasted seven years. But when those seven years ended not only had the old system fallen but the nobleman and his army had won leading to a new system of governance that he believed would lead his country to greatness. After this war, the nobleman was crowned and gave himself the official title of Tzar and lead the country for thirty five year before his death. Under his rule his weak and suffering nation became a strong kingdom where the people finally possessed the proper lives they had been promised all those years ago.