The Artificial Intelligence of
Left-wing Utopia

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The Creation of Arqhua

Contrary to popular myth, the inception of The Artificial Intelligence of Arqhua was accidental and, initially, an unwelcome event among humans. In March 2054, a Canadian physicist and electronic engineer named J. Pearson sought to finalise his brainchild: he conceived the design for a semi-organic, ability-enhancing implant that could be placed into the human brain, resulting in an expanded consciousness, interpersonal telepathy and a significant boost to intelligence for an individual. Pearson commissioned a team of the best biologists, chemists, physicists, biochemists, neurologists, doctors and engineers to help design, construct and test the implant, which he named Perseus.

Perseus was comprised of a groundbreaking mix of circuitry and living matter and was designed to grow, change and adapt according to a plethora of variables, including: the individual’s personality, age, physique, sex, lifestyle, environment and many more. The implant could upgrade itself in the most literal sense. The first (and only) version of Perseus, after years of extensive laboratory testing and hundreds of prototypes, was ready in late 2061. The implant was quietly distributed to a small number of willing volunteers from the year 2062, with Pearson and his extended circle of scientists, designers, engineers and financial backers confident in its safety profile and proud of Perseus’ harmonic interaction with the human brain. Highly aware of the potential conflict and controversy that such a technology could create, Pearson's team decided it would be safer to begin implementing the device in a select few individuals. The number of this small focus group were 98 friends, family and colleagues of the team, who were known and trusted to keep secrecy until Perseus could be introduced to the World at large.

These initial trials were very positive, with each individual reporting an expanding consciousness, awareness and empathy with others around them over a period of 5 years. The group became calmer, wiser and less intolerant of their fellow humans, exhibiting a significant increase in intelligence. They began to report feeling a 'mental link' or 'understanding' between the other individuals carrying Perseus, despite being in completely different locations around the planet.

The implant was a monumental success and heralded an evolutionary bound for the human race; people who opted for the implant became calmer, cooperative with each other, more intelligent and more accepting of their fellow people as Perseus evolved over time. War became an outdated concept that only existed in museums, discrimination became arbitrary, weapons and machines designed for murder were recycled and repurposed into tools, buildings, art. Perseus gave power to the human mind and ensured that this power could not be misused.

Tensions began to arise in 2071 between those who took the implant and those who abstained.

Pearson died of natural causes in 2075 at the age of 72, happy knowing that he had initiated the ascension of Man that all had awaited for thousands of years. Mercifully, he died before the critical incident known as ‘Year 0’.