The Union of
Corporate Bordello

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This is an out-of-character factbook. Its purpose is to give the reader some insight into the mind of the writer.

I like the principles of peace and non-violence, but understand the world is chaotic. The world is chaos. So it is important to be kind to each other.

It's chaos. Be kind.

Without wisdom and love we are blinded by ignorance and hate.

See past the smaller sources of suffering in this world, and comprehend that the conditions of capitalism are bleeding us dry and poisoning the land. We all live on the same planet together. To use a metaphor, we are all in the same boat. If the ship goes down, we all go down. Do you see the poverty and wealth inequality of our nations? Do you see the divides that make us easier to conquer and control, the divides of ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, and more? Let all of those things fall away from your mind, and open your eyes for the first time. Our world conditions of capitalism are what need to change. Will giving more power and freedom to capitalists save us? The answer is no.

We need an alternative economic system if the world is to progress away from conditions of environmental degradation, wage slavery, social alienation, the commodification of all areas of life, and the wasting of resources that will never be distributed to people that need them.